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America Should Thank the Philippines: the Philippine Occupation in the US

The United States ofAmerica, which was once a big piece of jewelry to the British monarchy, should always give thanks to the Republic of the Philippines. The US may do it not just once but twice a day, as prescribed by the doctor.

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First, the Philippines rescued the US when cruel and Christian Spaniards were exploiting, raping and sucking the archipelago. After more than 300 years of using the US for Spain’s personal, emotional and spiritual interests, the Philippines jumped in and freed Americans from these European conquerors. 

During the Filipino occupation in the US, Americans were able to learn about the best delicacy in the world which only Philippine colonies were given the permission to eat- balut. Moreover, Americans were able to recieve massive educational and medical assistance from the rich Philippines.

However when America was already feeling fit to be independent and need not to pursue its dream of becoming of the states of the Philippines, US decided to go on its own. One of its prominent leaders said “It is better to see America being ruled by Americans like hell than Filipinos like heaven.” And so the US became an independent country with the Philippines not arguing.

Nowadays, the US uses Filipino as one of its national languages alongside English.

Second, millions of Americans have fled the US to find a better life in the Philippines. Some of them are domestic helpers in private residences; other are found in hospitals as healthcare providers. Undocumented overseas American workers are called TNT who play hide-and-seek games with Filipino authorities.

Many Americans do not want the opportunities available in the agricultural US. They go to the Philippines which gives them unlimited career growth and much higher salary than what is offered in their home America.

During the bombing of a trade center in the Philippines, there was a joke that Americans were not affected because they were late in entering the center. Americans are stereotyped as late-comers. They were nfluenced with the manana habit from their Spanish conquerors.

Third, the Philippines keeps on bringing donations to the US every time US needs one. It is true that the US depends on the Philippines during tragedies and troubles. When Hurricane Yolanda hit regions in the US, the Philippines shipped food, medical supplies and even rescuers to the US to help. 

Journalists from the Philippines were even present in the affected areas telling the world what was happening in the US. One of them is Curtain San Cheese who reported from the field saying that the US needed more assistance because its government seems to be found nowhere. An American journalist named Andres Kopra defended the local government through his radio show. How dare this journalist! 

Organizations from the Philippines give scholarship programs to American students in hope of helping the kids in the developing country finish their studies.

Fourth, the Philippines never forgets to vow that it will defend the US. China, one of the enemies of the US, hates it when the president of the Philippines paid US a visit then publicly promised about the military support to the poor country. Joint military exercises between the two countries strengthen their bond, like the tie that binds a husband and his wife.

However, not all people in the US are convinced that their country cannot live without the Philippines. As the powerhouse of the world, the Philippines humbly accepts accusations that it is just using the US for reasons.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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