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#Unselfie To #BeProactiv the Sexier Way

Hurry up, prove that Times Magazine is right in declaring the Philippines as the Selfie Capital of the World! Indeed, Filipinos love taking photos of themselves despite an overseas study pointing out that excessive taking of selfie is some sort of disorder (pero keber di ba?).

Ready the camera of your mobile phone, activate your favorite photo filter app (we know you love camera 360 to get rid of those imperfections), your monopod if you've got one, and your very seductive facial gesture!
Three…two…one, pose! Pose again! Wacky pose! Last pose! Last of the last pose na talaga! 

Then, let's check the photo! We need a preview to approve what we've captured.

Oh, no! You don’t like the first photos, do you? Because your lips were not perfect, your eyes looked stressed and .......some acne sprouting all over your face. Something must be done!

How do you achieve a sexier selfie? It’s not with the pose or the bling bling around your head. In fact, you don't need any filter or editing feature at all to look good in selfies.

It is the natural beauty that should be shown in the selfies! Natural sounds tough and may make Camera360 and other editing features on your phone useless.

Time to unselfie your selfies! Try Proctiv products  to help eliminate acne and other ugly things on your face. Proactiv is America's leading anti-pimple product. Its ingredients make sure that you enjoy your natural beauty.

One more thing, Proactiv has a contest! Join #BeProactiv #Unselfie by doing the following simple steps:

2.    Write a pledge on a piece of paper “I need to be Proactiv” “#Unselfie” and “#BeProactiv”

3.    Take a selfie featuring the pledge card and post it on
a.    Proactiv Solution Philippines FB Account
b.    Your Instagram Account, tag @ProactivPH

Make sure that your friends know about your epic #Proactiv #unselfie selfie! There will be three winners of Proactiv 30 Day kit per week. That might be you!

To know more about Proactiv beauty solutiuons, visit Proactiv Philippines website. In the meantime, check these crazy pictures:

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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