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"Overflowing STD virus from Kris Aquino causes a stink at NAIA-1" Title A Prank?

Could GMA 7 be that desperate to make a hoax preview title just to get good website traffic? The giant network says they did not do it, which I believe.

At around 9:30 in the evening yesterday when I was checking on my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a post from my friend Carlo Ablera about a news report from GMA News. In the preview, the headline goes, “Overflowing STD virus from Kris Aquino causes a stink at NAIA-1”.

I am not kidding at all. Dafuq as in!

Of course, I was interested because I thought the article was about the person Filipinos love to hate. But I was disappointed when I opened the link and saw no element of Kris Aquino.

The report is about the unsanitary NAIA-1, and not about Kris Aquino. I went back to the Facebook posts with one thing on my mind: GMA 7 may be a big troll or just a victim of a prank!

I did a little investigation if GMA News was just trying to get the attention of people by injecting an element of Kris Aquino or not.

I tried getting the link and posting it to my Facebook page to see the crawled headline. Everything seemed to be in proper place- no Kris Aquino. Or maybe, the crawlable title has already been modified.

However in posting on Facebook, any person can just edit the headline in the preview to fool people around.

If the social media specialist of GMA 7 or the person who uploaded the article to the news website did the trolling, it only proves that Kris Aquino is also the Queen of Social Media. According to GMA7, it was not them who did it:

The Kris Aquino headline seems to be a prank played by Facebook users who shared the original link. The social media site allows individual users to "edit" headlines before posting or sharing them, making it seem like that was the actual headline of the article: (screen shots of the prank)

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