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Want to Meet-and-Greet With Janet Lim- Napoles?

It's not Anne Curtis or Leah Salonga that people want to meet-and-greet with. It's none other than the very famous Janet Lim-Napoles who keeps on appearing on the front cover of various newspapers nationwide.

In fact, Napoles is more popular than Deniece Cornejo even if Cornejo positions herself as the heroine of those who were raped then got raped again by the same person.

For this post, I want to use "Janet" instead of "Napoles" to address her. I do not want to shame the family of her husband because Janet is not a biological Napoles.

Everyone must hate Janet for being the alleged mastermind of the pork barrel scam. However, not everyone realizes that such scam cannot be done with one person in the team.

Before we curse this poor entrepreneur-turned-prisoner, let us check out some things that you might not know about her.

1.    Then Janet Lim married her husband Jaime Napoles when she was 18. Wow, 18! But take note, she has not lost her appetite yet.

2.    Janet is now 50, a lot younger than Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. Thus, she still has no right to sit on a wheelchair. But of course, she has every right to sit on an electric chair!

3.    Janet is Catholic. According to reports, she even maintains a home for priests in Makati. It would be a tough job for her to convince Iglesia Ni Cristo members that she is innocent of all the accusations thrown at her. The least she can do as of the moment is to pray to the Catholic God for her friends namely Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada to visit her one time.

4.   Janet is a new brand of corruption. She was accused of providing substandard Kevlar helmets to the Armed Forces of the Philippines in 2010. Evidences presented against here were also substandard so she was acquitted.

5. Janet claims to have ventures in coal industry. However, PDAF whistleblowers say that she knows nothing about the industry. Classic enemies!

6.    Her daughter Jeane has been blogging about her lavish lifestyle. Many Filipinos are angry at her because of course, they are not enjoying what the girlash is enjoying.

7.    Benhur Luy, the most prominent whistleblower, is Janet's former employer. Their drift must have been overlooked by the NLRC and DOLE that it everything has to be upgraded to Senate.

8.    Janet denies his participation in the scam. Now, that’s the Filipino identity!

9.    In May, Janet claimed that Butch Abad taught her how to set up foundations. I want to learn how to set up one, too. I should go to Abad now.

10. Janet should learn how to write a book so she could make one after all these challenges she is facing. Many politicians who have high amount of debts may be standing in line to buy the book.

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