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I would like to apologize for the very minimal number of blog updates I have posted since I did a speech about satirical blogging at the 3rd Baguio Blogger Conference.

Now, I am back to give you bits and pieces of my life-full life. 

There were tons of questions thrown at me when I made the decision to leave New Media Services, the company that launched my career in Public Relations and Communications.

It was difficult to give my beauty pageant- like answer, to give rationale why it was the right decision to leave a company that loves me for who and what I am.

Please believe that the only reason why I left NMS was because I wanted to grow. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone- Baguio City and the Cordilleras- and explore the other parts of the world. I did not fight with my boss or anybody at NMS; I had no issues with the management.

It was not a decision I made overnight. I was just quiet because I knew it will be a milestone in my life if I leave Baguio and let fate take good care of me.

I stayed with the company for almost four years and was honed by great people to become a better professional. When I submitted my resignation letter, I was in full smile because I know I am leaving the workplace for good.

To be honest, the push to get out of Baguio and explore new heights is not an easy thing to address. It is in my system to keep running even if other people are just walking.

I already applied to a good number of companies when I handed my resignation note. The push to explore was stronger than the assurance to have a new work before resigning.

My parents, siblings, cousins and other loved ones were not informed about my decision. I just told myself that it was my life so I need not consult anybody because I have already made the decision for myself. Only a few knew it. People just got shocked to know I am no longer living near Baguio City Economic Zone in Loakan, Baguio City.

I went down to Manila to catch the ambition. I attended interviews and screenings but it seems the jobs that I love to grab do not like me, while the jobs I do not really want like me.

Thanks to some people who keep on backing me up every time I meet a new day with withering hope. It became worse when my left foot bulged and I could not walk straight. One rainy evening, I decided to go back to Baguio and recover first before doing my next move.

The next week, I received notifications about my next set of interview. I was already feeling the phrase, "nakikipagsapalaran sa Maynila". I was not that fit but I still pursued to see what happens next. I tried to be tough to fake that everything was alright.

Finally, my desperation for a job was put to an end when I received a call from Salarium, a startup that just won Seedstars World Manila, informing me that the company is opening its door to me.

As soon as I confirmed my employment, I traveled back to Baguio for my government documents. I went down to start my new job as part of the Marketing Department of the IT company.

I will be marking my first month in the coming days. I hope that I fate will give me mercy this time after all the ups and downs I have undergone just to pursue this endeavor.

My stay here is nothing but a nightmare, a roll of depressing days; they say it is mere culture shock. I am still settling with the belief that it is okay to stand inside a moving bus for an hour just to reach the destination. I cannot believe cab drivers demand money before the passenger starts the ride. People are rude; they do not even know how to say "excuse me". The weather is rude; I have a two-week old cough. Food is very expensive; I need to spare two hundred pesos just to say I have eaten a good meal. People speak Filipino in another accent; I cannot speak straight Filipino. My English has deteriorated; I am getting dumber. Drivers go fast even if people are walking on the pedestrian lane.

However, I keep on reminding myself that it was my decision to move out of Baguio, a city of luxury, convenience, and beautiful people in and out. On the other hand, I love staring at the tall buildings overshadowing me as I walk from the office to the tower where I am living right now. I enjoy passing by a fountain with no beggar taking a dip in the pool. The view of people in corporate attire walking along Ayala Avenue is just amazing. The traffic lights at night resemble the wonders of the Christmas season. Makati is a fairly fantastic city despite the other things that make it less lovable. 

During my job interview with Salarium Founder- CEO Judah Hirsch, I told him about my “career upgrade” plan which is landing a job in the country’s Big Apple.

Then last week, I had my super- rant on Facebook about people who talk about me but have no idea about the hardships I am going through. I know I have  a long list of people that I should pay back when I get the chance to breathe in and out freely; I just do not like how people interpret what they see on social media. I love the way people reacted to the post; even Google indexed the long post twice.

I am but a small person who pretends to be big. I have been raised in the mountains so allow me to experience the city light. I have a dream. And I do not just dream, I chase it even if other people think I am crazy for chasing a dream-less dream.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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