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Professional Blogging Summit: 10 Sexy, Classy Insights
When it was my turn to share my favorite blogging topic, the first blog post that I have published, and the most recent story I have blogged about, pictures were already flashing in my head.

At the first Philippine Professional Blogging Summit at A Venue Mall, participants were divided into groups to do some sharing of our blogging activities. 

I shared to the small group that my favorite topic is Corporate Social Responsibility, my first blog post was a tribute to a friend who died years ago, and my recent post was about the event itself.

All of the bloggers in my group were highly-interesting. One of them is Millie, a work-from-home mommy who blogs and does virtual assistance when her household chores are done.

All of us may have an idea about blogging as a personal way of expressing who and what we are, as a marketing tool to promote or demote a brand, and as a powerful method to input change in the society. 

However, we were all there to have a glimpse of the country’s blogging industry and how each of us can help further professionalize it.

The Philippine Professional Blogging Summit was organized by Digital Pop (DPOP) and Janette Toral, the mother of Philippine e-Commerce. It was backed by A Venue Mall, Island Rose, Salad Box, and ProFriends.

Honestly, I decided to join the invite-only event because it was free and I wanted to be occupied everytime to combat my growing melancholy.

The speakers were high-caliber and experienced, making the discussion a blow-by-blow account of how the real blogging profession in the country is taking turns. 

In a blog post on Wazzup Pilipinas, the audience was described "well-engaged" which is true. If only we had the whole day and night, I would have also filed questions.

Let me lay all the insights that I have learned from the event as I sat with the wonderful bloggers hearing the stories and thoughts of the panelists. 

As a sign that these points have been well-absorbed and internalized, let me take them from my first person point of view:

1. Even if I am running a personal blog, there are still personal pictures and information that I should keep off my blog. 

I should always select the pictures I share. Azrael Coladillaa of Azrael's Merryland scored this to address the issue on security of personal stuff on personal blogs.

2. Instead of blogging about a bad experience, I should talk to the manager of the establishment and help them with the concern instead. 

Blogging to demote an establishment does no good, but panic and harm. It does not solve the problem either.

3.    Sometimes, it is the blogger that destroys the reputation of other bloggers and not the Public Relations practitioner or the Event Organizer. 

Ross Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas, who has been in the field of blogging for years, pointed this out based on his hard-core experiences of dealing with a huge number of bloggers. 

He said he still invite disgaced bloggers. And his reason? He wants to give the blogger an opportunity to redeem himself.

4.    I should not not burn bridges. JayL Aquino, who manages social media accounts of celebrities as part of Vidanes Celebrity Management, made it clear that it would be tough to work while there are enemies from the same trade.

5.    I should be nice to everyone. It is a boring insight but it is true and it will be forever true. Joseph Cham, the one behind the Twitter posts of Close Up Philippines, reminded the group to be kind to everyone.

6.  I should always blog about my passion and I will be be found with my both online and offline profile. 

Public Realtions people do not just look at what a person does online but also the offline (profession, family, etc.) aspect of a blogger. Jeoff Solas of Liberating Jepoy was certain about this when he spoke about having a blog that is friendly to PR.

7.    Customers are not into promotion. Sai Montes of Fashion by Sai was right. Hard-selling is not effective nowadays when marketing a brand. 

8.   Bloggers are often referred to as gate crashers, "patay gutom" and loot bag hackers. 

However, Ross said a blogger is getting more famous if he is getting more controvies like the aforementioned.

9.   Copy-pasting is unethical. For this, no explanations are needed since even the Kindergarten teacher has already told this to his pupils.

10. I can go to work or I can be the boss. Sai is trying to get into my core. And her words left me paralysed.

The final insight on the list is really pushing me to be more serious in blogging. I have discovered blogging years ago when I was working as a Public Relations writer for New Media Services.

Now as I am seeing more opportunities in blogging and it is contunously fascinating me to launch a deeper relationship with the trade, my quest is to decide whether I should become a fulltime blogger or not.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Thank you Christian for joining and sharing insights learned. :)


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