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Totally Bizarre Things to at Bih-Zahr RestoBar

Gone are the days when going to the bar is exclusively done during weekends. With daily flavors being offered at Biz-Zahr Restobar, you can party every night with your officemates and friends without noticing that you are entering the same restobar along Quezon Avenue.

After months of testing the waters, Biz-Zhar Restobar gets an upgrade with lots of really bizarre yet highly-interesting things you can do when you step into their premises. 

Last Saturday, we were there to have our first Bih-Zahr experience. We went home at around two in the morning. Do not ask me if I was tipsy when I went through the restobar's door; just ask me the names of the new friends I have met there.

When you happen to drop by the restobar, do not miss these to check out these bizarre things:

1.    Get a dose of vodka-based Bih-Zahr Drink that comes in a mason jar. The restobar's signature drink is also available for take-out so you could enjoy the spirit of the restobar even while cuddling with your other half at home. In case you do not like how strong the liquor is, just ask the bartender to do the favor of putting more drops of spirits in to your mason jar!

2.    Do your personal stuff using the CR compartment that welcomes all genders. If you are a straight guy, you may use either the Male or Female comfort room. But if you are somewhere in between, you are safe and warm inside the third room.

3.    If you are an 80’s kid, Bih-Zahr Bar has created Thursday party nights for you. With this, you do not need to thirst for the hits of Just the Girls, Madonna and Michael Jackson because the restobar will play those hits for you.

4.    Go Beer All You Can on designated time of the day. Ask the staff there about the exact time when unlimited beer pours in to your glass.

5.    To feel more like a natural woman, there is a Ladies’ Night on Tuesdays. Nowadays, ladies have all the right to freely chill inside a bar alongside their men counterparts.

6.    Watch a show! The restobar does not just sit as a venue for drinking sessions and meals. It houses a stage for live band performances and competitions. For a fee, you could hold your corporate event or group meet-up there.

7.    On Mondays, Bih-Zahr welcomes the working class. This day is the worst ever to any member of the "career" population so it is but essential to go grab a bottle of cold beer and listen to easy music to let go of the weekday stress.

8.   Even in broad daylight, try cheese stick with your beer! Promise, it will not spoil your day. It will save your taste buds and for sure, you will crave for more. If you want more, you can try their sisig pizza, or other foods available on the menu.

9.    Given that Filipinos love singing, there are monitors for karaoke sessions. On top of that, the sound system is really good. Even if you are screaming, the auditory nerves of other customers are safe. In fact, I sang Backstreet Boy's Incomplete and no one said a word when I screamed like a frog. You can do your Pilita Corales style of singing or hit the Mariah Carey dolphin notes with no worries of getting a subpoena from the neighborhood!

10. The upcoming Pacquao fight will be shown live at Bih-Zahr! For sure, you do not want to miss sitting comfortably in front of a bottle of beer while watching the boxer win the fight. Like the Bih-Zhar Facebook page HERE and ask them immediately on how to reserve your tickets now.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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