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Paradizoo: The Happiest Place in Cavite to Babysit Your Family

Having your toddlers watch ‘Frozen’ to babysit them is no longer a novel idea, especially when you learn that there is a place where our kids could discover about floras and faunas in a very interesting way.

Load your bag with biscuits, bottles of water, and extra sweater as we head to Paradizoo, a 10-hectare farm zoo in Mendez, Cavite.

Last week, we were there. And there are one million things I could say about Paradizoo as a perfect destination for family outing.

AN EVENT VENUE: There is an event venue on top of the hill, where you could have group discussions while staring at the green surroundings of the farm. When we reached the place, we witnessed Timmy Cruz perform her original compositions for the opening of "Power of Three" event.

AFRICAN TULIP: If you still have not seen an African Tulip, you can see some at Paradizoo. I was joking with my companions that I am bringing home one.

HOUNDS RACE: Three hounds were set to race for the launching of "Power of Three". Afterwards, the caretakers gave the participants a chance to walk the hounds. In fairness, the hounds were not that scary.

PARADE OF ANIMALS: During our tour, there were group of kids on an educational field trip. For the parade of animals, the master of ceremony would call someone from the crowd to take the challenge of holding the next surprise animal. The master would give essential information about the animal like the color, length, and other interesting facts. When a volunteer kid  learned that he was to touch a cockroach, he ran away.

STAR OF THE FARM: Meet Voltes 5, who is one of the most popular animals at Paradizoo. Voltes 5 is a five-legged bull. Paradizoo has stables with animals brought from different countries. Paradizoo offer a rich academic experience.

PONY BABIES: When you are inside Paradizoo, expect unpleasant smell from the stables. I was wondering if I could sit on the back of these ponies just like what Queen Elizabeth is doing.

SO THIS IS OSTRICH!: I am in my mid-20's, and it was my first time to see an ostrich. I wanna shout Hallelujia! 

GOATEE GOAT: Goats are an ordinary animal in the Philippines. When you visit Paradizoo, inquire if they have collected an amount of fresh milk so you could buy bottles of them. 

THE GARDENS: Paradizoo maintains a number of theme gardens inside the farm. One is the Eclectic Garden. Sorry guys, I did not bring my dictionary that time so I was not able to define what that E word is all about.

CHASING BUTTERFLIES: If there is something that I like most about Paradizoo, that would be the availability of staff in field locations.  Inside the butterfly garden, the staff shared about the transformation of the butterflies from caterpillar. That was awesome!

CEMETERY FOR PETS: Pets, nowadays, have also the right to rest eternally in a calm place. What are we expecting in the next decades? I would like to think that pets would also earn their own money. 

SHRUBS, HERBS AND TREES: If I would be a teacher, I would love to bring my kids to Paradizoo, and have them list all the shrubs, herbs and trees that they see around. 

BIRD-FEEDING: You may buy pet food for lovebirds before entering their big cage. The lovebirds are undeniably lovely as they use their beak to get the ground grains from the palm of those feeding them.

RABBIT'S HOLE: The rabbits seem to be lonely. They need the magic of Alice, who is still in Wonderland. I remember we had pet rabbits at home, but a dog harvested them.

PAPAL SHEEPS: Since Pope Francis just arrived in the Philippines and these two sheeps were just born into this world, they were named after the Catholic icon. By the way, 2015 is Year of the Sheep. 

SAFE AND FUN: I value how safe the place is. Thus, kids can run around. The animals are in stables fenced with metal screens. However, you still need to monitor them.

UNBELIEVABLY CAMEL: It was a trip of a lifetime. I need not go to Saudi Arabia or Egypt to see a camel. I just noticed that camels are social beings; they look at you passionately once you get their attention.

CAMERA-SHY CARABAO: The country's most industrious animal is here. However, this animal was not that cooperative when I was taking pics of her.

CLASSIC HORSE: If you are a fan of western movies, you will feel like riding this horse. I have no idea if Paradizoo allows that. But they have a pony for riding purposes (pay first as usual).

THE WHITE GUARD: If you notice the dog in the picture, he is guarding the poultry.

CANTEEN FOR THE HUNGRY: I know this is going to be your favorite spot. After babysitting the kids, you will find yourself ordering a cup of coffee for sure.

PLAYGROUND: Beside the canteen, there is a playground so kids could maximize their tour.

FISH SPA: While waiting for the kids to get tired, you can have your fish spa.

SOUVENIR: Before going back home, make sure you buy a souvenir item. I bought a bow and arrow set, and a flute. I was just amazed with these two items so I instantly decided to get those two home.

Now, send me an email at christianaligonow@gmail.com or message me on Facebook so I can give you a free entrance ticket to Paradizoo.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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