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How PhilCare Makes the Filipino Health Happen

Because I have been growing cough for more than one month, I was forced to step back from my work and get a medical check-up.

I actually wanted to keep going with my day-to-day activities, but the arrival of my PhilCare360 Wellness Box reminded me that I needed to look into my health before it ‘s too late.

My bosses at Lancris Residences have already advised me to have my lungs checked because of my terrible coughing.

Just like any other Filipinos out there, health is not my top priority. I commute along the polluted EDSA without wearing any mask, sleep less than eight hours a day just to make sure my Facebook page is active, eat fatty and salty foods, and forget to drink the essential eight glasses of water a day.

In fact, my plan of going to jog around the Quezon City Memorial Shrine has become a drawing. Thus when I saw a jump rope as an inclusion of the PhilCare360 Wellness Box, I was reminded of my failure to go back to my jogging routine.

The kit also includes a pack of tea ready for brewing, which is my favorite because of its natural ingredients, and soap bars not just for hygiene but also to help combat stress.

Holding the PhilCare Smart Check-up Card, I went to Hi-Precisions Clinic in Santo Domingo, Quezon City. The staff members at the said clinic were quite nice to assist me with my PhilCare concern.

Like a boss, I had a medical history taking, physical examination, chest x-ray, complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis, and fecalysis.

Although not covered with the card, I still pushed through with a consultation with the doctor for my cough. She cleared me of tuberculosis and pneumonia, and prescribed me instead of anti-hestamine. She said we are left with allergic rhinitis.

The doctor explained that any cough beyond two weeks is chronic, and needs immediate medical attention. However she told me, my lungs are fine. The chest x-ray results proves I am fine.

I went home relieved, thanking God I am safe.

It is funny that as typical Filipinos, we only see the doctor when we are very sick. When we are physically fit, we forget that we have responsibilities in our bodies.

I cannot blame other people because of this un-healthy thinking. Health providers are very expensive- you are lucky if you have a doctor friend.

With PhilCare, you can spare P499 from your paycheck and enjoy the services I got. On top of that, you will also enjoy 10% off on ultrasound procedures and 5% discount on laboratory and X-Ray procedures arising from the use of the cards at PhilCare Manila and Makati clinics.

What I like about PhilCare is that it does not discriminate the oldies. Other providers are keen about the age because older people are prone to more sickness and may mean more money to spend on their members.

To know more information about PhilCare and make wellness happen, visit www.philcare.com.ph now.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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