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Why Living at PrimeEast's 600-Hectare Estate in Rizal is Life's Best Offer

After spending years stretching your muscles and patience to follow your dreams, it would be nice to sit one afternoon and enjoy a panoramic view of the metropolis skyline from Rizal.

Then when you get bored with your backyard gardening, you invite your amigas and amigos to play golf at EastRidge or casino at Thunderbird Resorts.

Aside from the majestic panorama, high-end recreational centers, and pastoral atmosphere, the 600-hectare estate owned by PrimeEast Properties, Inc. offers a pollution-free environment, cooler temperature, family privacy, and priceless closeness with Mother Nature.

Undeniably, it is an estate everyone wants to call home after winning battles in life. PrimeEast, headed by Alexander G. Ascuncion, wants the estate to be a gigantic residential subdivision for those souls wanting an alternative urban living within the bounds of Mega Manila.

A consolidated raw land properties covering towns of Rizal, the estate flourishes with seven properties offering a wide range of residential, investment and recreational essentials. However, the most promising opportunity you could have is the acquisition of lot properties.

After buying a parcel of land within the estate, you may have your own developer to build your new home or brew it as an asset. The current rate is at 4.5-6.5K per square meter, and it is expected to double in the coming years due to the speedy development in the area being worked on by PrimeEast.

If you lack time to build a new house, PrimeEast spearheads the development of different subdivisions that allow you to move in instantly to a ready-made home for you.

When we went to see the estate, we saw different properties waiting for occupants. Among the few things that interest me are the Morella and Ravello communities, which are master-planned to bear Spanish- Mediterranean architectural concepts and designs.

If you are a developer, you can also buy a big portion of the estate to develop and further offer it to your own clients. It was revealed when we were there a few weeks ago that Ayala Land has already finalized its plan to make its way into the estate.

If you set foot on the estate one day, you would notice the famous Thunder Bird is within the estate. According to the staff there, the business is some form of joint venture between PrimeEast and its original investors (there are strict laws when it comes to things like this).

When your tummy tells you it is already time for a meal, a Perlita restaurant can also be found inside the estate for a good dining experience. During our visit, we met some of their executives inside the resto, and had some scoops of info about their company and the entire real estate industry.

On top of the residential and inside recreational paraphernalia only select real estate developers can offer, it would be nice to know that the Angono Petroglyphs Musem is located inside the estate. When PrimeEast realized that the treasures need some intensive conservation, the site was donated to the National Museum for protection.

In fact when we went inside the museum, we were not able to see the petroglyphs because of an ongoing rehabilitation of the site.

When asked about existing clients or residents, the likes of Cesar Montano, Sharon Cuneta, Roderick Paulate, and Arnold Clavio were mentioned. Who knows, they might be your neighbors when you decide to settle there.

There are lots to explore in this estate as a residential and recreational capital in Rizal. Before we left the place, I was surprised to see a resort for family bonding. If you could imagine living there with recreational areas surrounding your house, that must be a big treat for doing good in life! 

If you want to have a personal visit of the site or need more information about the residential and recreational opportunities waiting for you at the PrimeEast estate, email me at christianaligonow@gmail.com now. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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