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The Manila East Lakeview Farms Challenge: Can Farming Combat Stress?

MORONG, RIZAL- Imagine waking up one weekend in the middle of the rugged mountains of Rizal to water the plants in your backyard garden, and feed the chicken ready for the feast on your birthday. After harvesting your produces, you drive downtown to embrace the busy and stressful metro life.

Manila East Lakeview Farms does not just want you to enjoy freshly-picked kangkong, celery, onions, and other veggies you love ordering when dining outside. The new real estate offering brings you closer to nature to unwind in the most native way: planting lettuce for your Caesar’s salad, counting tomato fruits to know whether you have some extra bunch to share with your BFFs, watching the small sheep outgrow its mother, and a lot more of countryside living.

When you own a parcel of lot within Manila East Lakeview Farms, you may wear your hat and call yourself "a haciendero without a hacienda.” Ms. Jocelyn Flores, Vice President for Sales at PrimeEast Properties Inc., scored that farming can now be done even without buying a huge piece of land contrary to the popular Spanish era set up.

At Manila East Lakeview Farms, you are generally allowed to utilize 20% of the total land area for your house and the remaining 80% should be for your farming activities. Since it is a farmland, a small hut out of bamboo is a perfect supplement to the view.

An 800 square meter- cut lot is at 3M. If you prefer a smaller cut, you can have a 400 square meter lot at 1.4M.

When I went to Manila East Lakeview Farms for their Harvest Festival, I saw family owners with their fishpond and honey bee farm. They spend the weekday earning a living in Metro Manila, then climb up to the magical mountains of Morong where Manila East Lakeview Farms lies during weekends for their unwinding activities through farming.

The very rural set up allowed me to appreciate simple living. I felt lucky to have been raised in the countryside; one of the first things I did was to thank Mr. Ally Salazar, the Sales Training and Recruitment Manager at PrimeEast, for bringing me there.

In fact, it was a great relief to stress to attend the Harvest Festival. I got a good back massage to get the “lamig” off my body at the gazebo while staring at a carabao the greens within its reach.

Soon, Manila East Lakeview Farms will have its fully-functional clubhouse, village center, coffee shop, children’s playground, swimming pools, and produce market.

Among the few reasons why everyone is going gaga over this real estate development in Rizal is because of its value-added farm subdivision security, centralized water supply, care-takership program, and power supply line.

One of the first things that attracted me was the demo farm. When you buy a parcel of lot there, the developer provides training so you could till the soil and grow your plants properly. There will be a resident agronomist and a farm manager, who will be assisting you in your day-to-day farming needs.

If you are now planning to own a lot there, please understand that the farm subdivision does not allow commercial quantity of farm produces. It wants you to make the Rizal suburb landscape as your weekend getaway view, and farming as a stress therapy and not as another stress-causing element.


TRIPPING: Let me tour you around.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: the views from the village.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: part of the demo farm.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: You'll love the horizon.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: There is always a chance for you to bond with Mother Nature.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: The demo farm where you will be taught how to grow your plants properly with the help of a resident agronomist and farm manager.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: Presenting you the village.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: Kids will love the play park.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: A view of the ongoing developments within the propery.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: During the Farm Festival, they served this cool mint tea.

Manila East Lakeview Farms: We visited one of the farms there owned by Ms. Flores. And look what we've found!

Manila East Lakeview Farms: Don't forget to checkout the Demo Farm when you drop by there to inquire about the available farmland investments there.

Now tell me, can farming combat stress? Visit Manila East Lakeview Farms now. It is about an hour from Metro Manila. 
Manila East Lakeview Farms
Brgy. San Guillermo, Morong, Rizal

More information:
 Alexie D.J. Salazar
Sales Training & Recruitment Manager
Suite 302 J & F Building II, V.V. Soliven Avenue 3, Cainta, Rizal
Telefax No.: (632) 654-3552
Tel. No. (632) 646-0756
Mobile: 0917.582.0708

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. I could not agree more that this housing development is pretty cool. It had a great time there :)


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