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Why My Twenty-Sixth is the Happiest So Far

Forty-six days ago, I turned twenty-six. And it was undeniably my happiest.

If it was my sixth birthday, I would have prepared a bowl of macaroni salad and a bottle of Coke. But since I reached an age that I should conceal to everyone, my close workmates at Lancris Residences feasted on bottles of liquor.

Greetings from family and friends poured on social media. I could have been happier to respond to every one of them, who opened their Facebook and saw me on the list of people who should be greeted that day.

I am a simple person who over-analyses stuff happening around- all the people close to me know that. They also know how insignificant birthdays are to me.

Adulthood would have been an awesome word if the reality was a bit gentler to me. I have to admit my life is getting more complicated even if I try to see it as a simple day-to-day-until-I-die scheme.

I thought life then was happy. I thought everything was perfect. Until one day, I realized there is a greater territory that may want to try my evil mind, middle finger, and unpolished manners.

As I shared a laugh with my workmates, my heart doubled its size to realize I am at my happiest. And I kept on mentioning that to the people around me.

I am at my happiest because I am living a life that was not part of my plan. To be part of an industry I never fancied before could totally hurt my ego, but everything seems to get more and more interesting. Top it up with my very charming bosses, ever understanding colleagues, real friends, and big family! 

I would have stayed in Baguio and continued serving the Public Relations and Communications Department of New Media Services. But I said, I would love to see how things are being done in other companies.

I would have gotten back to Sagada and use my teaching license. But I reminded myself that that document is a masquerade of a decision that kept on haunting me.

I would have chosen to pursue a career in journalism and found myself interviewing terrorists as well as celebrities. But I packed up my things and chose a life that could utilize my skills beyond writing.

Sayang- people say that to me as if I lost an opportunity to pocket millions of money, improve how I look 360 degrees, or enjoy tons of luxurious services from five-star providers. They only see a slice of the million cakes I am baking.

I made a choice to test the waters in the higher grounds despite all the offers of perfection laid on my table before my hungry eyes.

Enjoying a private life in the metro is a huge candy to my mouth. I have no intentions of becoming famous in every interesting move that I make. I party; I flirt without no one spreading the good news to good followers of the good life.

Honestly, not all my family members know my number. Only a few significant ones communicate with me directly.

The best thing is that some of my closest friends have fled to the metro before me. They have been with me as my confidants and as a source of financial support, since I should no longer extract even penny from my family and other old friends. 

The major rationale- I do what I love at the office. I write. I think. I grow. I smile. I hurt. I think I have found a team that could make my brain cells work 24/7. And they are teaching me how to do things the other way around.

Do not judge too quickly for I know all my flaws. I know the stress I cause every time I commit a mistake. I am a dagger to the heart of many; I respect if they see me as something sharper than that.

I am at my happiest. You must have seen the higher level of happiness on my face whenever I tell stories of my day-to-day feat. 

I am at my happiest. If you are one of the special people around me, you know that. You must have observed that forty-six days ago.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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