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The Orange Car At the Crossroad

While lying in bed, I went through old photos stored on my online drive and found a number of interesting photos I took back home through the years.

The one that got most of my attention was a photo of an old car parked outside a humble house in Sagada. The orange car, deteriorating each day with its own rust, has been around for decades being passed by tourists and locals going to the Big Cave in the southern zone of Sagada.

It is “vintage”, as others describe. But there is something more than that, that same car has hosted a big part of my childhood.

The car is parked at the Crossroad a few meters away from our granny’s house. The house is now being occupied by staff of GL/Lizardo buses bringing people to Baguio City and vice versa.

One time, I saw a blog that showed photos of the car and I was very excited telling about it to my workmate. It was ecstatic to know that someone has spotted this car.

I remember climbing the car up and down in delight with my cousins. I would get into the driver’s seat through the window with my thin body while my playmates were running around at the back of the car.

The car was not functioning at all so it was safe to press anything that could be pressed in front. I do not remember if it had side mirrors that time but I am sure there were flowers growing at the back of it as weeds.

There would be my aunt Carol, who just came from Baguio City, cleaning up the dried leaves of persimmon trees around the house.

My Aunt Martha would be entertaining customers in her store across the old house, while my uncle Cyril would be resting in the corner from his chores.

It was not only the old car that hosted our childhood; the guava trees served as a source of joy during those days. We would pick the variety we would climb (believe me, not all guava fruits taste the same and we have good guava fruits around the old house).

There was also that cherry tree that was very interesting because not all houses in Sagada has that fruit. As kids, we only fancy picking its produces because we were so afraid of its thorns around its trunk and branches.

Those were the years when we had enough to time play with my cousins. Now, we are all busy playing the game of life for adults with other people.

I hope when they saw the photo I uploaded on Facebook, they remember that one day in our lives, we had the biggest toy car which until these days stills sits at the Crossroad.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Awwww- a flashback Friday post, indeed!I love how simple living before - we just have to play outside the house and never worry about a powerbank or Wi-FI area. ;)

    Wish I could visit Sagada again. The last time.... couldn't recall anymore!

    Hope you're well! We must see each other soon! Take care!

  2. How about organizing a tour there? I would be glad to help.


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