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What's My Top Choices for #EmergingInfluentialBlogs2015

Blogs nowadays are like mushrooms-- they sprout everywhere. However, not all those budding blogs have the guts to build a strong foundation made from honest thoughts, quality writing, and responsible communication.

Good to know that Ms. Janette Toral, the magnificent woman behind the Digital Filipino, has conceptualized a writing project that recognizes top emerging blogs in the country. She wants to make it clear that blogging is more than writing on the internet, rather an important tool in influencing goodness and greatness in the society.

This year, I am giving my own opinion to help Ms. Jannette choose which among the emerging blogs have the most promising birth and toddler-hood in the cyberspace.

Here are my choices:

1. All About Jamesepp – I love reading personal blogs because it gives me a glimpse of how other people lead their own life. It sounds benchmarking. This blog literally talks about his takes on his new leads in life- I believe that is the essence of blogging!

2. Take Off Philippines – Who am I not to love traveling and exploring the different corners of this world! Take Off Philippines give a glimpse of the wonderful world beyond the four corners of the office. Quality in presenting an experience is one of the elements that make this blog a good read. And of course, I do enjoy more when he jumps in to food!

3. Runner Rocky–A perfect demonstration of blogging, Runner Rocky features the adventures of Rocky who is fond of running. I never believed that running could be fun until I saw his inviting posts on his blog and his Facebook page. He writes from the heart of an individual ready to run for fun and for professional development. I tune in to his posts about the latest challenges and experiences in different marathons.

4. Chef Jay's Kitchen - This blog is all about food and restaurant. I love how the blogger presented the food and dishes here in a yummy creative way. What I love about this blog is that thoughts are arranged in a very light, informative ensuring that the thoughts are relayed to the reader effectively.

5. BizH2o– Writing about business is boring to commoners. The challenge in business blogging is putting much creativity to a message to be able to deliver it in a more engaging way. This emerging blog just did it incredibly.

How I wish I could write about the other interesting blogs! Share your own list through a blog article. Check out the mechanics HERE.

This writing project is supported by:

Regards to the owners of the the above-mentioned blogs. Good luck!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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