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A Tale of Dengue Nightmare

At three in the morning of Friday, I was inside the bathroom vomiting. I saw red substance coming off my mouth.

My body was very weak, I could not stand because my feet were aching. It was one of the the worst parts of my life.

The day before, I tried to go to work after my fever ceased. In the evening, my fever got worse and I had to call on my brother to get me food.

I thought it was just flu. But I was sure that early morning that flu do not involve vomiting of blood. 

Early that morning when humanity has started the day, I contacted my workmate to lend me some amount of money for me to go see the doctor because I was already vomiting blood.

With God's mercy, my workmate Joan replied immediately.

After laboratory tests at Medical Center Paranaque, the doctor told me I was positive with Typical Dengue Stage 2. He said I needed to be admitted to the hospital.

I found myself inside the Admitting Room being told I needed to pay P10,000.00. I told the staff I really had no money.

With no choice at all, I contacted my boss to lend me the needed amount. Fortunately, my boss who has got a big, big heart responded immediately sending someone to hand me the money I was requesting.

For four days, I was confined in a lonely room with other dengue patients. 

During the first hours, the nurses were extending assistance because they know I had no "bantay"to look after my needs. One nurse came and fixed my table. Another came to change my suit.

My brother works in Mandaluyong and he came to see me after work because--- that was his only available time. On the first night, my workmates spared their off-duty time to visit my lonely soul there.

During the first two days, a nurse would come to extract blood every six hours. The platelet count was low so I was advised from time to time to take enough water.

I could feel my weak body starting to recover with the help of the medicines given to me.

Obviously, she was very worried. In our Kankanaey tongue, she advised me and my brother to stay in just one house.

My mother, who is taking good care of my sick father, had to travel from Sagada to see me. Good thing that the new bus Sagada- Manila just opened a few days ago so she got to Manila hassle-free.

When the doctor visited me, he advised me to drink “tawa-tawa” for my platelet count. However because my brother lacked time, we just depended on water.

My mother already started her lecture, wondering why I am living separately with my brother. She commanded us to look for a place where we could stay together for better monitoring.

My blood pressure and body temperature were stable; the only thing that worried the doctor was my platelet count.

When the doctor came back, he asked us again if we were able to get "tawa-tawa". Good thing that my workmates said they could find the plant for us.

Two blood extractions passed with us knowing nothing about the results, the doctor came back telling me I may go home. What a relief to hear the good news!

At the cashier, I was presented with the bill- P21, 000.00.

I and my mother contributed for the bill. We went home that very morning.

If there was a huge lesson I learned from this, that would be maintaining a health card. I was not able to maintain my PhilHealth for less than a year so my past years of paying did not benefit me.

I have started paying my PhilHealth last October so I could not use it yet as per rules. Actually, I have no idea if my previous employer did remit the payments deducted from my salary when I was still with them.

Now I am still recovering. Physically and financially.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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