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Top 10 Events in 2016 That Changed My Life

“Highly amusing yet deeply engaging” best describes my 2016. 

Here’s the top 10 events in 2016 that molded me and my life into a better shape.

10. Opened a Travel Website

My training in journalism gives less about the needed approach in modern travelogue writing, but I think Capturing Footprints is going pretty well given it is merely an extension of my personal website.

9. A Lancris Team in Baguio!

Thanks God after attempts to recruit a broker in Baguio that could help us spread the word about our condo project, AMG Realty has arrived at our doorstep. I do hope things get better and bigger this 2017. It is a shame that I almost failed to form a team in my home city.

8. Spent All Saints Day in Sagada

It has been a dream for me to go home in the most celebrated feast in Sagada after years of spending my Nov. 1 in the city. I promised my mother to be with my family this year. I also wanted to visit my dad in his final resting ground.

7. How about a first airplane ride? 

Did you know that I only got my first airplane ride this year? And it was a very shaky ride to a domestic destination. I did like it anyway.

6. Vacation in Palawan. 

My group of friends love to travel so some organized a trip to Puerto Princesa. It was a very grand vacation- we hoped from one restaurant to another in exchange of article write-ups. The best part of it was seeing the sunrise at Microtel Palawan.

5. A Prize: Caramoan Vacation!

Because I won in the Travel Book PH writing contest, I had to file for a leave. It was for an all-expense paid trip. 

It was so memorable climbing rock hills just to see the bluish sea and the white sand beaches of the island.

4. First Out of the Country Trip!

This year, I headed to Kuala Lumpur with my boss to meet homebuyers interested in investing in a unit at Lancris. 

It was my first time to set foot on another country. Finally, my passport was utilized for its proper use!

3. Good Health So Far :)

The last time I went to the hospital for some serious consultation was when my right foot sore. The doctor said it was some infection from an insect bite. 

Although this year I had my more-than-a-month-old cough twice and got a dozen of colic spam attacks, I think I am fairly healthy.

2. I Attempted to Resign from Work :( 

Under all the pressure, confusion, and emotional outburst, I had to cut down on my stress. And the first thing that crossed my mind was to bid goodbye to my livelihood. 

After a series of conversations, my bosses and all the people around me had me going.

I just think that these guys are the most amazing!

1. My father died. 

In April, I had to go home to see my Dad who has been sick ever since. When I returned, I learned my Mom was able to convince him to go back to the hospital. There he had his last breath in the hospital.

Now I am a leading a totally different life, with my fatherless family. The healing is yet to be completed but so far I am coping with things personally.

I wrote an article about, "How It Feels to Lose A Father". 


Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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