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Blog Coverage Buzz: Baragatan sa Palawan Fest 2017

Today is my second day of coverage the Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2017. With me are Aci Bornea of Aci Girl and Kenneth Surat of Kenneth Surat Blog.

Tonight, we’re heading back to Cory Park in the Provincial Capitol to cover the Talent Portion of the Mutya ng Palawan beauty pageant. We’ve set the shuttle to pick us up at the La Chari’ca, our official residence, at six in the evening.

Commercial Break: A big thanks to my boss at Lancris Residences (Durvaille Group of Companies) for allowing me to take a four-day break from the real estate world to spice up my 2017 through this blogging project.

As part of the event coverage, we went to see the table tennis tournament at Robinson’s mall and the Governor’s awarding ceremony wherein the top tax payer of the province was given recognition.

We also went through the stalls featuring fresh harvests and native crafts of Palawan. Things prove that provincial life is something to treasure.

Last night, we met up with Evo Contrivida of Evo and Grace who also is the man behind this blogging project. He had us eat tamilok (woodworms from the mangroves of Puerto Princesa).

Here’s what I have learned so far:

1. Cuyonon tribesmen are the natives of Palawan originating in the Cuyo Island in Northern Palawan. They speak the Cuyonon language which is being spoken by only a few as the younger generation prefer to interact in Filipino. 

2. Baragatan is a Cuyonon term which means ‘assembly.This year’s festival runs for two weeks only. The celebration aims to appreciate the native culture, recognize their roots, promote government projects, and to put forward the interest of their award-winning tourist destinations.

3. One of the native fruits of Palawan is kasoy or cashew.

4. The provincial government of Palawan has a platform called IHELP which is an abbreviation for Infrastructure, Health, Education, Livelihood, and Protection of the Environment. The songwriting contest last night was centered on this project.

The Social Media team of the Tourism Office has selected our selfie to be the winner of Best Selfie yesterday. We are yet to get our reward.

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