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3 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee

This is how I start the day: I enter the Showroom, feel the morning energy while sitting on the sofa, checkout messages on my FB ang email, prepare my first cup of coffee, call the Head Office for updates, and oblige my thirst for the second cup of coffee.

For years, coffee has been my best friend-- yes through thick and thin. It has been there regardless of my job and the people around me.

1. Coffee Starts the Day with a High Note

Coffee is scientifically an upper. It gives energy to face the day’s load of work. Would you imagine starting the day with low energy? I take coffee to boost my energy for the entire day so I could assist our homebuyers with all the physical energy needed to close a deal!

2. Coffee for Small Talks, Socials and Reunions

When our group of bloggers does a meet up, we always find ourselves drinking coffee. Most serious talks are done in front of coffee (while foolish things are done in front of a bottle of liquor). Coffee genuinely sets any mood. I remember when I was very mad at one of our colleagues. He prepared me a cup of coffee before starting a conversation. Even the confrontation went smoothly.

3. Coffee to Combat the Cold Sagada, Baguio Breeze

Back when my father was still alive, he would spend the early hours of the day brewing coffee in our fireplace.  The view of the fog outside our house in Sagada is a perfect mate to a cup of coffee.

Introducing A New Brand of Coffee

If you are into coffee, there is always unlimited options to try. When you go to the grocery, the stalls give you a wide range of choices. Because I wanted to try something new, I took Nash. The name is interesting as the name of a nephew is Nash. First I tried white coffee.

White Coffee is obviously my favorite because of its sweetness. It is the perfect pair to topsilog. I tried sharing sachets with my office mates at Lancris, but they all opted Aroma Coffee. Aroma Coffee gives a perfect scent of energetic morning. It tastes less sweet but it tastes nearer to brewed coffee back home. Brown Coffee is quite strong. At three in the afternoon when I wanted to get reactivated against the lazy hour, this is the best.

Time may change but the drive for coffee has never left my list of obsessions. Coffee is even better than beer because you can have a cup even if you are alone (hugot).

Discover Nash Coffee on FB: CLICK HERE

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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