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Yeah I Resigned and I'm Starting All Over Again

Early this morning, I received a text message from a relative from Sagada informing me that she has already remitted the cash handed by my mother.

This is embarrassing, I thought.

I politely thanked her for doing the favor and went on to look for a nearby Western Union branch using my phone.

Well this is real life, I told myself.

My face was like this as if I was lamenting over a spilled milk.

Deep inside, I was celebrating three things: 

1.    Mobile signal is strong in Sagada that I am able to contact my mother when I saw that I have already drained my bank account.

2.    Western Union is now available in my hometown so my mother is able to send me some cash for me to survive. Yes Treasure Link Cooperative at the Centrum Building is a WU partner.

3.    I have a mother who never failed to look after me during my darkest times. She might be a bitch sometimes but she picks the phone when I do an emergency call. I promised her to pay her once I have my separation pay from Lancris.

And suddenly, I was getting homesick:

So Why Did I Leave Lancris?

Lancris was a heaven on earth for an employee who dedicated his three years and four months for the growth of the company. I enjoyed benefits that no other company could ever match:

1.    I traveled to Japan and Malaysia in the name of work. My passport was utilized and got marked because of this company. That's on top of my business travels to Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Iloilo, Lucena, Baguio, and other places.

2.    Accommodation in the staff house was free. And my room has got its own toilet.

3. Free meals three times a day with coffee and refrigerator in the pantry is unbeatable. Can you name a company that can do that?

4.    Most importantly, the workmates are true friends, and we work side by side like brothers and sisters.

5.    Salary was out of question. I was enjoying a good amount.

This explains the package.

Of course in every pampering, there is a huge responsibly that we needed to perform. That is to work independently and efficieny even without the supervision of our Bosses. 

Employees who survive Lancris are genuinely nice people who have no extra agenda or any personal interests that endanger the company.

I left the company smiling, with no ill feelings or any bloody incidents. I did not block anyone on Facebook or started to hate my three Bosses.

It was my decision to leave after a lengthy time contemplating about the fate of my career at Lancris. I and my direct superior had been talking about my decision for weeks, because we should not go wrong about it.

I was given turnabout questions which I answered directly.

“Do you see yourself growing old doing doing this?”


“What do you want to do then?”

“Wala. Yung tatawa-tawa lang.”

“Do you want me to talk to ………”


I just decided to leave these wonderful people behind.  


My resignation was only announced to theentire Duraville Marketing Inc. and to the two directors of Special Partnership Division (SPD) in one single day.

Then.........as expected because rumor is some people's bestfriend, many employees, brokers, agents and clients started approaching me to get it straight from me that I am leaving Lancris Residences and the entire Duraville Group of Companies.

It was quite funny my that someone voluntarily did the announcing, going from one person to another (these people approached me immediately) broadcasting my resignation with an additional fabricated involvement in the drama. That person could make more money as a novel writer!

As everyone knows and has witnessed, I worked hard for the company without pleasing everyone. I always defended the company-- that's why I am no angel to some. 

After many days, I took to social media to formally announce it.

It was not easy, but I tried going back to where it all started. Three years ago, this was me in front of bloggers. It was March 22, 2015 at an Open House. At my back was my direct superior, the AVP for Marketing at Duraville Group of Companies.

Starting All Over Again

On June 12, 2018 when the country was celebrating Independence Day, I silently packed my bag to go on with my life with another company.

How does starting all over again go?

1.    Look for a new job. Thanks there was Job Street! But I have already secured a job before I left Lancris. Well, I did not want to kill myself.

2.   Apply for police, NBI, medical, company, etc. clearance. The medical clearance has got its own drama that I even paid more than 5K for the needed repeat and additional tests after my initial urinalysis showed protein components. This Saturday, I am returning to the second nephrologist that  checked on me for the clearance.

3.    Track government benefits and membership. For the first time, I learned that I have been paying SSS premiums for 71 months already.

4.    Look for a new place. I even paid a locator but I did not want what he found for me. Instead, I settled for a room in Barangka Itaas that shares the toilet with other borders. I paid for the required advance and deposit payments.

5.    New culture in a new work environment with new concepts. I promised myself to appear dumb if I need to just to empty my cup because I know Cathay Land is no Lancris or Duraville.

Take a look at my new ID. 

This new phase in my life was witnessed by no other than Aaron, a good friend of mine who stayed beside me through those sunny and stormy days. He walked with me from Ortigas to Cainta (of course this is partly a figure of speech) but never said he is tired.

That's me and Aaron last week eating at Robinson's Forum. It was literally my second time to go to that mall. 

Last week, my mother woke up early at five to confirm that it was my first day at my new work. I sent her a reply immediately and advised her that I might borrow money from her. 

Well, she got the memo and replied: K.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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