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So How’s Working in Errtigas?

Twelve is a magic word for historians, because it is the date when the country’s independence was achieved. It is also the date when I left Duraville to join Cathay Land.

This morning, I was at the HR’s office clarifying if I’m getting an amount this cutoff. I was told of the great news and then went back to my desk to continue with my task- to give a plan on how the power-point presentation of one of Cathay Land’s upcoming projects should be.

So how is working in Errtigas? That's how I pronounce it to have an impression that I really belong to this business district LOL. You remember Makhatti?

And before I give you some stories, did you know that the part of Errtigas where I work at is still part of Quezon City? Yes Galleria Corporate Center is part of QC!

Now that you know where Errtigas is located, listen to my hanash.


I take the bus everyday. I prepare 12 pesos to cover my fare from MRT Boni to Galleria. One time, I could not see the bus conductor so I was not able to hand him my fare. Anyway, I’m sure they won’t go bankrupt for this. 

The moment I reach the office, the first thing I do is to grab my tumbler and my 3-in-1 coffee sachet (sorry, cannot afford and not into Starbucks).


All snacks and meals can be bought at Robinson’s Galleria which is an elevator ride away from our office. Sometimes I buy Mcdonald's breakfast before I ride the bus.

However everything is expensive there-- I need to prepare P200 daily to cover my meals. 

Food delivery is also available and their packed food is much cheaper so I prefer to just wait for the guys who come to out lobby with their bags of packed food. 

After office hours, I try to explore restos around--of course with my partner in crime, Aaron. The best so far that we've tried is........................Mang Inasal! No judging please... 


Back at Lancris, I only take the elevator when I climb to the Sky Garden or attend to someone at Diamond Tower Unit 701. 

Here at Cathay Land, the office is located at the 8th Floor so taking the elevator is a must. In the evening when we cannot wait for the elevator to hit our floor, we just take the stairs. 

I thought this kind of routine will help me lose weight. I hope that my face will still look the same in this pic if I bust off my extra blessings in the belly.


I miss being the employee of the decade, staying at the office until 10 in the evening. It was once my standard practice. 

Here at Ortigas, it is okay to go home at exactly the time we’re supposed to go home. Well, this is except for my boss who diligently checks my outputs before he goes home. I'm wondering if he is not regretting signing these papers.


From the greens of Paranaque, I am now getting used to the view of the tall buildings of Ortigas. There are cars everywhere and noise pollution is getting me irritated. 

However here, it is very convenient to have a mall, steps away. I am able to get medicine the moment I get out of my office’s door. And I now enjoy drinking coffee at the mall while trying to analyze everyone passing by, asking myself: ano kayang nasa isip niya?

Ortigas Central Business District is, so far, friendly and I am enjoying every minute of it, most especially that I am trying to be familiar with my colleagues who are super nice.  

In fact one of the employees from our department who recently decided to move forward to another workplace after 13 years (come on, that’s unimaginable), she generously gave me her company uniform. And I am wearing it tomorrow!--Abangan!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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