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Could Leaxcoin be the Solution for Real Estate Transaction Woes?

Shame on me- I literally spent the entire morning making multiple phone calls to Mr. Mark Wagan, co-founder of Leaxcoin here in the Philippines, because I wanted to be educated with how crypto-currency and blockchain technologies work and how these make  our lives easier.

I just wanted to learn. And I am lucky to know someone from this industry who can accommodate my questions.

Mr. Wagan patiently simplified the concept while I tried my best to digest every concept he threw. I was quite honest with him to say what is not clear to me and when we aligned, I told him what is causing the confusion.

If you want to add your knowledge about blockchain, this may be a good read:

PRESS RELEASE- When it comes to the real estate transaction, Leaxcoin becomes one of the projects offered in the crypto world. For you who are interested to learn further about this project, let us learn more about it.

What Is Leaxcoin?

Leaxcoin is actually another decentralized worldwide currency which adopts the blockchain technology especially Ethereum which is considered as the leader for smart contract evolution. This platform presents a solution for all problems associated with transactions in the real estate industry.

In this case, the solution offered includes rent, purchase, lease as well as real estate launch or property registry. By using the platform, users are supposed to away from any problem around real estate transaction.

In its website, it is said that the platform can be a success when it has a worldwide real estate community specialists alongside experienced developers. In this case, the team will make compulsory tools to link all process of real estate and the property regulatory agencies into the blockchain.

The Primary Focus of Leaxcoin Project

There are some elements that become the main focus of this project. The following is a little detail about each of the element.

Property Registry

Thanks to the blockchain technology used to protect the platform, The Leaxcoin ensures an unchangeable database. Here, the whole platform ecosystem is aimed for local as well as the worldwide community with applications, solutions, and tools to a complete integration with the notary, registry and government institutions.

Contracts, Listing, and Real Estate Crowdsale

Leaxcoin offers a platform that is transparent and free from conflicts. More interestingly, there is nothing like high cost or time-consuming in the process of verification. Any information will be treated automatically based on the agreed protocol.

Official Leaxcoin Wallet

There will be Leaxcoin wallet within the platform. The wallet here is fully developed within the blockchain network of Ethereum. The network has been encrypted as well to prevent theft and fraud or other problems.

Community and Worldwide Support

Together with all the team, a worldwide community is supposed to be built to provide new resources for the revolution of the real estate world. More importantly, the community will be encouraged and rewarded as well to get involved in the marketing and development of the platform.


To conclude, Leaxcoin is a revolutionary platform with blockchain technology as its base. It offers a solution for any problem that usually appears in the traditional real estate transaction. It has several focuses with property registry as one of them. Overall, it can be an excellent cryptocurrency to check for.

For more information:

Website : http://leax.io/

Note: Images lifted from the FB page of Leaxcoin.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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