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Diagnosed Unprepared with Dengue Stage 2

Young, dumb and broke.

However, I was not that dumb not to know that there is one thing more terrifying than the excruciating muscle pain in the legs when we were diagnosed with second stage dengue. It is the experience of sitting inside a hospital’s admission office begging for alternatives to the required down payment for immediate treatment.

The guilt of how I spent my money was killing me—it was literally a turning point in my life but I needed to keep going. I have vomited blood hours before I was brought to the hospital. Inside the admission office, I felt like an embarrassing character in a movie, oppressed and desperately waiting for help.

Unfortunately, there were no possible options. “Ibabawas naman sa bill ninyo” were the words that seemed to fast track me to my deathbed.

This year, the Department of Health reported that it has recorded 10,980 dengue cases from January 1 to February 10, lower compared to data last year. Since the start of the rainy season, the health department saw an increase of cases here in Metro Manila by 25%.

It is also disturbing to know that the health department launched an investigation to check on the doctors at the Philippine Children's Center who contacted dengue. In short, dengue chooses no one.

The Lessons That Always Come After

One of my bosses, Sir Dennis, sent me the amount for the required deposit while the company driver, Kuya Karlito, signed the waiver as my guardian. 

I was finally admitted. Days passed by and I was starting to respond to the medical treatment, and best news was that blood transfusion was not needed in my case.

I was discharged with an instruction of taking tawa-tawa tea to increase my platelets. As I regained my both my strength and sanity, I had two realizations.

First, health is our biggest asset, capital and investment.

If we are healthy, we can go out and look for money. But if our health fails, we spend our money and become a liability to other people.

In the morning when I vomited blood, I told myself that I cannot afford to miss our meeting that day. But I finally decided to call for help because I knew I could die that morning if I did not seek help.

Thus, no matter what happens, we should protect our health with precautionary actions like watching over our diet, availing of a health insurance, and maintaining an emergency fund. That time, none of these were part of my system because I was young and dumb.

Second, our neighbors are as good as our family.

My mother has been keen in having good relations with neighbors. I was living in a rented apartment near my workplace while my family stays in Sagada, a rough 12-hour ride from the metro. They could attend to me not later than the next day because they still need to wait for the earliest bus trip. By that time, I think I could have been dead in that bathroom.

When I called for rescue, it was one of my workmates that I texted first. The company driver came to assist me because I could not stand without getting dizzy.

PHOTOS: Me in my days as a Marketing Supervisor at Duraville Group of Companies. Poor health would have affected my performance to deliver the service to our stakeholders.

Bouncing Back Like A Pro

I signed up for an insurance policy that automatically grants an amount once I get diganosed with one of the identified critical illnesses or if I simply die. The insurance policy costs me about two thousand pesos per month, the worth of not more than 15 cups of Starbucks coffee.

With my insurance policy, a lot of worries have literally disappeared. When I go to work in Ortigas from my rented condo in Pinagbuhatan, I ride the UV Express confidently knowing that my family will be okay if something bad happens during the trip. At night, I sleep soundly knowing that, again, my family will be okay if I do not wake up the next day.

While there is a computed value of the insurance policy I availed, the value of the peace of mind I enjoy every day is already a good return of investment.

According to the doctor who attended to me in the hospital, there are four types of dengue. He said we only get inflicted with each type of dengue once.

Since I am done with one type, there are still three types that could hit me anytime, anywhere. But since I have signed up for an insurance product, I am not afraid to face dengue anymore even if I am still a young, dumb and broke soul.


To know more about insurance offerings that could help you face dengue, talk to your financial adviser now.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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