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How SvelT’i Works to Upgrade Your Looks

Let’s face it- our physical looks matter.

If you are selling real estate, you know for sure that no one will buy a property from you if you do not look trustworthy. This is why we invest in long sleeve polo tops, black shoes, and coats. 

We then complement our attire with our own skin care regimen to maintain our youthful glow. However, we are still perfecting the best ingredient to that beauty that we keep on aspiring every waking moment.

Yesterday, I visited a health and beauty skin care center that has an intimate approach in doing their trade. SvelT’i is a one-clinic only center that promises to “slim, trim, and gleam”. And I have a few good words to say about them.

A Tricycle Ride Away from MRT Quezon Ave

5th Floor, South Insula Condominium 
61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City

From Pasig, it took me four rides for two hours. However, I have an alternative way of commuting which is much better.

How to Go to SvelT’i

1. Take the MRT and get off at the Quezon Ave station.

2. Hail a tricycle near the staircase down the train station to go to the Boy Scout Circle (or directly to the South Insula Condominium). You will pass by the ABS-SBN Broadcast Center and the Pinoy Big Brother House.

3. If the tricycle dropped you around the Boy Scout Circle, just cross the street towards the South Insula Condominium. There is a signage at the side of the building so you will find it easier. 

At the reception lobby, tell the receptionist that you have an appointment at SvelT’i so you can proceed immediately to the elevator lobby. The clinic is located at the 5th floor.

Yes, Appointments Are Recommended!

Mind you, SvelT’i is not your ordinary clinic. It maintains a level of quality so appointment should be made before dropping by for any treatment.

I messaged them on Facebook first. They replied immediately asking for my contact number. I also suggested a date.

Afterwards, I received a text message about my appointment. They were recommending me another date since they close at 3PM on Saturdays.

Because I did not reply immediately, they gave me a phone call a day before my tentative schedule. It was nice having that phone call; I felt I was an important person. I told them that there is no other available time for us so they confirmed that they can accommodate us at my suggested time.

Now this is the very embarrassing moment: our appointment was at 1PM yesterday but at that time we were still on a jeepney ride. I texted them to apologize and they responded immediately. Now that's what we call customer service. We reached the clinic an hour late, but the staff were still happy to have us. 

Consultation with a Skin Care Specialist A Requirement

A form was given to me to fill out. I had to divulge any medical concerns that may affect any skin treatment.

After, I found myself inside a well-lit room for the consultation. I was asked if I had hypertension, diabetes, etc. I was also asked if I was taking maintenance meds.

The staff was not intimidating at all. She had a very soft voice so it was easy for me to share with her that I was taking some meds until December but I already stopped.

I also could not give her any details about the condition of my skin because I am yet to have my skin tests done.

Accufirme is for Muscle Toning Not Fat Removal

The gift certificate was worth P1,800 for an Accufirme treatment. Since I did not research first, I assumed that the treatment will make me get back my waistline 28 again. 

Accurme is a 20-minute muscle toning treatment and has nothing to do with my waistline. My two arms, belly and back were wired as if I was on an electric chair waiting to meet the Supreme. 

The staff was very light to talk with. During the briefing, she introduced me the Accufirme machine. It will release electric signals that will help tone down my muscles. The results? It's as if I did sit ups, she claimed.

I was that told that the electric signals given to me was at No. 6, with No. 10 as the strongest. The lady specialist also reminded me the strength of the signal would depend on my pain tolerance.

On the bed, I was covered with blankets after the straps and plates were positioned around my middle body. There was music in the background playing acoustic hits.

Lying there for 20 minutes was a bit tiring. My muscles were experiencing little cramps as a reaction to the electric signals.


What Are the Other SvelT’i Treatments?

I joked that toning was  not what I needed because my muscles are obviously covered with layers of fats. The lady specialist recommended me another treatment to bust off these belly fats. 

Here is a partial list of all the treatments they offer:
i-Curve by i-Lipo
Contour Body Accent
Trisculpt by Legend
Contour V by Accent
Skin Renew+ by Oxygeneo
VanishHair Removal

To talk to them on your appointment, call now:
0918 878 3584
(02) 332-7546

To know more info about SvelT'i, visit HERE. 

Follow them on Facebook for updates and promo HERE.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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