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Philippines' Most Recommended Travel Bloggers 2019

When you collaborate with blogs to promote your town, hotel, resort, restaurant, bar or any travel- related brand, it pays to know the blogger behind the site.

For this list, I considered these factors to identify whether or not a blog should be recommended for a partnership with you:

Criteria 1: The blog has its own domain. This means that the blogger behind has invested money to maintain the technical aspect the website.

Criteria 2: I have worked personally worked with the blogger on my own blogging and social media campaigns in the past may it be in Baguio, Metro Manila or Davao.

Criteria 3: I have worked with the blogger in other PRs' events more than once or in a single campaign but should have lasted for more than a couple of days. 

Criteria 4: The blog has well-written and unique content, not just bombarded with press releases and stories that are not connected to its niche. 

Criteria 5: The person behind the blog is easy to work with. I believe attitude and professionalism come in tandem. While there are many other blogs that boast high social media following and Domain Authority (DA), those figures still cannot replace the big A and P.

Here is my list of eight travel bloggers that I want to recommend for your next campaign.


#1: The Jerny- Travel and Inspirations

I first worked with Jerny Destacamento at our special tour of the different towns of Camarines Norte. He was one of the quiet guys -- maybe because he was not in the company of his other half that time (yeah, go through his blog and get the date when she said YES to him). Quiet in person. But his online presence is extraordinarily loud and applaudable.

#2: Travel with Maria

The blogger running this blog is Maria Rona Beltran, a Metro Manila-based Bicolana beauty. She also appeared on ABS-CBN’s Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and Good Housekeeping magazine. But take it easy, she is the only person who does not know yet that she is a celebrity. Blame her humility.

#3: Charlotte Anne

Charlotte Anne Peralta literally chases “dreams behind the glasses one place at a time.” The blogger goes anywhere from her Baguio City residence to get to the heart of a travel experience. She does not mind spending long hours on the bus or an amount just to reach a place outside her comfort zone in the mountains. First- hand experience matters to her.

#4: iKen

Interestingly, Kenneth Surat, the blogger behind iKen, produces hand-made journals that utilizes genuine leather materials. In fact, I own one “Surat” journal that contains a list of everything that I wanted in life (the list needs some updating). Kenneth was my roommate when we covered the Baragatan Festival in Puerto Princesa. The next thing I knew was I was becam a fanboy, going through his blogs to read about his travels in European countries. I repeat-- European countries.

#5: The Filipino Rambler

The Filipino Rambler is one of the most active blogs that survived eras. It was founded in the Jurassic period but stayed floating until modern civilization found it. Kidding aside, Allan Gokongwei, the blogger behind the seasoned blog,  puts extra effort when publishing a blog post. He turns simple photos into posters by adding fascinating graphics, making his blog a creative masterpiece. And oh, did I just say that his blog is divine?

#6: Katooga

Mike Zuniga, the head of SEC-registered Katooga, is surprisingly liberal, far from his masculine figure. I first met him when I joined his Camarines Norte tour wherein everything went not as smooth as we have expected due to unfavorable weather. But as the event’s organizer, he stood to fix everything with other key persons in the campaign, turning the developing disaster into a memorable getaway.

#7: Visit Manila

Visit Manila explores the metropolitan area to discover interesting spots, from the busy streets of Mandaluyong to the peaceful villages of Paranaque. It also has a special partition for stories about places outside Metro Manila like Batanes. Pia Bernaldo, the blogger running Visit Manila, is a practicing digital marketer. She knows what bits of information to feed her readers. And she writes them well. 

 #8: Travel with Karla

Travel with Karla shows the journey of an English teacher from the Philippines who has gone beyond the horizon to satisfy her Korean cravings. One of the most notable posts that can be found on her blog  enlists reasons why a Korean visa application is denied. If you are a K-Drama addict, she can be your best friend. 

Watch out for the next list of recommended "universal blogs". Universal Blogs generally covers everything and anything under the sun. For questions, please email me at christianaligonow@gmail.com

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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