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Happy Anniversary to the Life I Chose

It is my sixth year into my transfer here to Metro Manila. And it's a move I will never ever regret.

One of the main benefits of being away from your family and other loved ones is the high level of privacy you get. As a non-perfect human being, I am yet to master the skill of having no care at all to what people say about my Tagalog-looking shorts, my ambitious ambitions, and all the other things I want to do in life.

However, what I really like about staying in Metro Manila is the wide range of professional activities I can do. I do a lot of things that I learned in school.

Back in Baguio, I must admit opportunities are aplenty but not the cup of tea for my kind as a Communications graduate.

I went down to Metro Manila with no work to welcome me. It was literally a leap of faith, which I told myself the other night to do again if necessary.

My life in Baguio was undeniably lovely- I had a good work at New Media Services/ Rossking. I organized monthly parties in the name of work and wrote dozens and dozens of press releases and marketing articles.

When I left the Australian company, I was asked why I wanted to leave. And it was a simple answer that I gave- I just want to explore the world beyond Baguio.

My parents did not know about my unexpected move because I never announced my resignation publicly nor talked to them about it. By that time my mom and dad knew I left Baguio, I was already working in Makati.

My dad called me to confirm I was working in the part of the country that had the highest cost of living. I knew he was mad.

Three months after working with Salarium, I had to decide again. I was not a good fit with the startup, but I knew I had to pay the price of leaving again with no company to go to next.

I am also a teacher, a licensed one. But I know from my heart, teaching was not part of my plan for my current chapter so I had to do some leap of faith again.

Again, no one knew about my decision to leave Salarium except for some people who I knew would help me if I raise my flag for some rescue. I was just blessed that life was still beating for me- although I think I do not deserve some part of it.

Joining Duraville Group of Companies was one of the best decisions I have done so far. Aside from testing the extremities of my skills and personality, I have proven myself that I am born good, innocent and content.

Working for the condominium project of Duraville gave me dozens of friends who are both "users" and "cool". There were many instances when I had to remind myself that I need not be the Mr. Popular because many trashy people go near you because they need something from you-- but I was also like that.

After weeks of dialogue with my boss at Duraville, we finally agreed to part ways so I could move on to another company. But he compared my resignation to a good divorce.

In all the workplaces I have gone to, I never left with a bad record. And until now, I am generally okay with my former colleagues.

Last year, I joined Cathay Land as Marketing Communications Officer. This workplace culture is totally new to me as going out from work at 7:05 is unusual as everyone on the 9AM-7PM shift religiously cuts off at exactly 7. Back in Duraville where I was supposed to be out by 5PM, I leave the office at around 10 and people take that as a normal thing.

Here's the masterplan of the South Forbes Golf City, the major township of Cathay Land. If you can't find me in our Galleria office, I might be somewhere in the golf city.

Today is a holiday so I had a day rest, lying down and sleeping as if there was no tomorrow. In my previous company, we still go to work during holidays. Can you now feel the difference?

The other day, we had a video shoot in four locations in Silang, Cavite for our upcoming AVP for our industrial park project. It was a busy day, but everything went smoothly as the whole Marketing Team was there to assist the production house working on the gig.

Many things have changed as I entered this new chapter in my life. For many months, all I wanted was to sleep. Sleep was my main motivation- oh if you're a psychologist, please email me lol.

I am still lucky to be alive and kicking. I know I am a useless part of my family, but not depending on my fam is the best contribution that I could make. Maybe now is not yet the time for their Return on Investment.

Anyway, here's a photo of the river heading to Laguna Lake. This is a 20-minute walk from my home. Can you see the moon and a star?

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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