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Yes, I Go to Baguio- La Trinidad Every Weekend

Hindi ka ba napapagod?

Of course, I get tired. Sitting inside a bus bound for Baguio on a Friday evening then taking another ride going back to Metro Manila on a Sunday evening is more than physically exhausting.

On a weekend basis, I spend 12 hours on the road. It may be stressful, but there is something more stressful than what I do.


Five years ago, my feet were so itchy to get out of the mountains. I was raised in Sagada, took my college education in Baguio, and worked for five years in same highlands that welcomed me to earth.

I pushed through with some leap of faith. First stop? Makati City. It failed after three months, then proceeded with more adventures.

I now I am currently employed with Cathay Land, the second real estate developer that got me. This is not easy to recollect. 

I am sure most are still not aware of my resignation from Duraville. They still think I am Mr. Lancris who had once a team composed of these crazy pips!

Anong ginagawa ko dito?

After five years of working here in the lowlands, something in me is questioning me- if my life had its benefit from that leap of faith.

Yes, I know it gave me much because I am now handling a bigger brand and doing so much of what I love to do in life-- obviously, I did want to do more that what Baguio City had to offer me as a Communications practitioner. 

I met hundreds and hundreds of people and tried many of my firsts here. But am I satisfied with my life here?

Basta. Malutong!

So ano nga ba Bes?

My biggest enemy is myself. I am coming to my senses, maybe to another sense that I never had before.

It must be maturity.

Baka nga. 

I get frustrated at times when I see that I am no use to my family and the other people that once loved me. 


I am now useless, I know. So getting connected with my old folks is something therapeutic to my broken soul.

But wait, I have to tell you another story. In my next blog post.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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