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Dear Monday, Fuck Off!

My phone was alarming, torturing my fat body to leave everything at dream land. It was 7AM.

I gave myself some minutes to wrap up my affair with the thick uratex foam. After 10 minutes, it was nine in the morning. It was also the start of my shift at Cathay Land.

I ran to the bathroom to take a shower. All my roommates were still sleeping; there was no competition or queue.


My plan was to wear long sleeves, but I knew it would take an additional 10 minutes to iron press my attire. I chose my favorite white short sleeves.

While looking for my little handy, I already booked a motor taxi on Facebook. When MMDA re-implemented the two-lane stuff, traffic got worse that traveling to Oritas from Cubao in the morning takes an hour.

The motor taxi, okay habal- habal, was acting nice. He offered me a freebie- a mask to protect my nose from the air pollution on EDSA as we were to join the country’s busiest thoroughfare.

As we reached Robinsons Galleria, the habal-habal driver gave me his script when thanking his customers. I ran to catch an elevator ride.


I got inside the office and the light inside my boss’ room turned on already. He’s in; I’m officially late.

Work. Meeting. Work. Meeting. Oh yeah, it’s Monday.


It’s almost seven in the evening. Everyone was ready to shut their computer down for home, to be with their loved ones. As of me, I have no loved ones with me. All I have are three boys, all strangers, who care nothing about me-- because we are all renting the same unit.

In as much as I wanted to get my ass off Galleria Corporate Center, I promised to give my writing task a shot when no one is around to disturb my disturbed mind. I extended to write some paragraphs.


My boss admitted he thought I would not come to the office that day. I have a habit of being the absentee of the day on Mondays with the reason of being tired from my Baguio-Manila travel shit.

Oh the late Christian!

He may not be aware that I spent my weekend here, so there should be no reason for this black sheep to go astray again on a Monday morning.


The weather forecaster was making some guess of having a stormy weather in the metro this evening. I looked for my bag and found no umbrella.

All I needed to do was to pray. That the rain will not pour while I go to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute on East Avenue.


I rode a bus going to NKTI. I joined the queue of these tired, sleepy people attending to the needs of their patient. I waited for around 45 minutes, sitting on a chair and checking on my phone.

My battery was only 30% full, better than my energy which only got 1%.

Finally, the pharmacist called me saying she cannot give me the medicine I am buying since my prescription is not updated. I explained to her:

1. The doctor did not give us new prescription (I just made this up)

2.  hope she considers it because the patient is in Sagada and the meds will be taken to Baguio first for some processing

3. Please.

4. Please. Please :)

Anyway, it was a no. Then came the miracle.

The poor pharmacist, who would talk to everyone in line, said she could give me one tablet only. I accepted.

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to inform my cousins about the one tablet I was about to send.


I rushed to Victory Liner Cubao. I placed the medicine inside a dried noodle packaging, dropped it at the shipping counter, and looked for a place to quench my thirst.

The day was up, sealing it off with another session in the shower room which was actually the best part of the day. Oh that smell of shampoo....

The end. It's now Tuesday. 


Anyway, here's a good selfie while at Lancris yesterday:

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