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Noli Me Tangere Musical "Kanser" is Back

Just like any show worthy of the time of more than one generation, Kanser has gone through numerous revisions in staging.

From its shows at the Bulwagang Gantimpala, an intimate theater presentation to the proscenium production of the CCP Main Theater and the Met Theater plus all the other venues in the country, a change of hands in the person of actors and production people, Kanser gave the numerous talented people the opportunity to be a part of a classic play.
Its title may sound quite negative for its medical origin. But for a show looking for an impact as a societal merit, it's a head turner-- and the show wants to be relevant, not entertaining.

Seasoned directors have also given their share of interpreting the play:
Tony Espejo
Jake de Asis
Roobak Valle
Adriana Agcaoili
Mia Gutierrez
Frannie Zamora
Jun Flavier Pablo

The present production is now a tighter version of original Kanser, The Musical (produced last 2015) that was presented during its 35th year anniversary.

Director Frannie Zamora, the man behind Nardong Putik (Kilabot ng Cavite), Waiting, and Muling Umawit ang Pusohas skillfully infused about 10 songs from the musical into the straight play - a welcome revision that has delighted the viewers. But what charm does the production of Kanser have that captivated hundreds of thousands of students and theater aficionados through the years?

Maybe it is the story. A love story woven by Rizal with a dash of patriotism, idealism, deceit and uncanny revelations.

Could it be the staging of the play where actors are garbed in an almost authentic costumes that compliment the language and mannerisms of the period? Or maybe the relevance of the incidents that still mirrors the present times.

All these and more is what Kanser has now been regarded as indeed a classic production.


On the 28th of September, I'll join the preview of the show. So better watch out for updates (and my verdict)! Message me on Facebook HERE for questions!

Check out further details here: 


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