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When Auntie Carol Passed Away

It’s a Thursday evening and while wondering what my weekend will be like, I came across a Facebook post about my beloved people who passed away early.

From the posts of Manang Marlene, a good cousin of mine in La Trinidad, I realized it is the death anniversary of Auntie Carol, my mom’s sister.

Here are her posts: 

When Auntie Carol was still alive, she would regularly come home to Ambasing to sweep the dried leaves falling off the tall persimmon trees around their house in Patok.

She would bring junkies with her that we eat for snack once we're done burning all the dried leaves. She always had a supply of Pringles in can.

For a couple of times, I could not give a hand because I was growing a fever. I would sit at their house's balcony and pick some junkies.

Here is throwback photo of me with other cousins at that balcony during one of the early reunion events we had. Try looking for me. 

If you notice there is an old car at the right side of the photo. That served as our play pen during our innocent years. During one of the last times I was gone home, I took a photo of it in its new location. 

I remember it clearly—it was a Friday evening. And without telling my parents, we went to a mountain south of our place to visit my classmates on a camping program.

After eating dinner, we lay down in the dark with no plans of walking home. Suddenly, everyone’s attention was caught by a bright light coming from afar.

The light, with its noise, stopped and a tall man followed the trail going to where we were laying down. 

Without talking, I grabbed my bag. A teen embarrassed in front of his troupe. 

His eyes were very mad, and he spoke no word until we reached home. Uncle Miguel, a distant relative accompanied him.

As I sat in the living room waiting to be confronted or punished, I saw my mother packing her things. My two younger brothers were already asleep.

My mother went out of their room and told me to check on the tiny gems as she is leaving for La Trinidad in a few hours. She should catch the earliest bus trip to attend her sister's wake.

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