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#iBlog15 Insight: Is Blogging Now Obsolete?

NOVEMBER 9, 2019- Today is the 15th iBlog, a prominent summit organized to tackle about the impact of  blogging and  the entire digital arena in the Philippines. On its final run, the summit was held at the Malcolm Theater in UP Diliman.

Ms. Janette Toral, the persona behind iBlog, gave a brief talk at the end of the session encouraging everyone to continue blogging. It was well-celebrated as most of the people, both panelists and the attendees, are genuinely big names- let's say, the stardom level of  political blogger Tonyo Cruz, personal finance guru Fitz Villafuerte and Our Awesome Planet owner Anton Diaz!!! (with three exclamation marks).

Sorry for the poor quality photos. 

Upon entering the hall, I was right with my decision of bringing a sweater. It was damn cold inside Malcolm Theater. So with myself missing a cup of coffee just to beat the registration time, I treated myself to these takeaways from the sets of panelists. 
iBlog15 Insight #1. With blogging evolving to vlogging, the next big communication model is PODCASTING. 

So should I open my own space on Spotify now? 
iBlog15 Insight #2. For the rate card, it’s easier to go lower during the negotiation phase than asking for a higher price in the next campaign. So, make that peso sign bigger.

I honestly have gone through the rate card of some people in the panelists in the past as part of my job. Now I know how that go around that "too expensive" reaction when I review one's rate card.
iBlog15 Insight #3.The failure of seasoned bloggers to self-organize gave newbie bloggers the chance to define blogging.

However with celebrities becoming bloggers already, will they be able to do something good for the benefit of the regular guys?
Insight #4. Monetization of blogs has been a taboo as blogging is considered passion. But again, passion should also be sustaining.

I think passion should not make us broke at the end of the day. 
Insight #5. While other blogs are busy sharing their experiences with hotels and restos, the ‘Bakla Po Ako’ blog is quietly saving lives.

Now we know who really deserves some recognition.
Insight #6. The three trends in the Philippines are:
a. Cashless payments
b. E-sports- live streaming of DOTA and its inclusion in the SEA games
c. Super Apps like Grab, Go-Jek.
iBlog15 Insight #7. With the dynamic digital media channels and styles, "bloggers" and "influencers" are more apt to be called "CONTENT CREATORS".

Even in the digital space, evolution is real. 
iBlog15 Insight #8. After a day, an IG story promotion disappears. A blog article will stay forever as long as the blog is also alive.

Long term is the real deal.
A run down of the panelist who shared the above-listed insights:

How Blogging Has Changed the Philippine Internet Space
-Abe Olandres
-Ruben Licera
-Tonyo Cruz
-Jane Uymatiao 

Bloggers: Crossing Boundaries
-Chad Ting Ramos
-Joemar Belleza
-Apple Allison
-Carlo Ople

Bloggers: Monetization & Competition
-Earth Rullan
-Anton Diaz
-Vince Golangco
-Fitz Villafuerte
-Bert Azura Padilla

Honestly, I was there for two reasons. 

First, I finally have no work today-- unlike in the past years when I was a top no-show attendee. Now that I'm with Cathay Land, my weekends are usually free for personal stuff. 

Second, my blogger friend who attended previous iBlog sessions scored that iBlog is very academic with its panelists having real substance. Well in all fairness, what they told me were not fake news.

I was really glad to have finally met Alvin Ferias, the SEO guy from Mindoro, in person who I did not recognize at first because my memory really sucks. 

There were also interesting new folks  in the corner, but I was limiting myself because I only brought like five pieces of outdated business cards -- yes, remember the new NTC guideline on all PLDT telephone numbers getting prefix 8?

Now let's move to BLOGAPALOOZA, another important event for bloggers in the Philippines. To know more about iBlog, CLICK HERE. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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