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Rising Singer Kiel Alo Flexes Incredible Poise at Controversial Birthday Concert

NOVEMBER 6, 2019- When Aficionado owner Joel Cruz learned that new-breed singer Kiel Alo is staging a birthday concert, he canceled his tour to attend the special event.

The perfume mogul sat among dozens of fans and supporters, including Anabelle Rama and Daisy Romualdez, who flocked to the Music Museum to witness "Ako Naman Po".

After meeting Kiel at the musical play Kanser where he headlined as Crisostomo Ibarra, I thought he was only a double threat- he could act and sing live. But during this birthday concert organized by his manager Jobert Sucaldito, he proved that he can also be another bomb.

Going Romantic and Sexy

To turn the energy on, Kiel opened the concert with a medley of Jordin Sparks’ This is My Now and Beyonce’s Listen. His interpretation of Shawn Shendez’s Senorita further made a statement that he is indeed a romantic balladeer.

While Kiel is a quality stage actor, a closer look at this young persona suggests there are more to explore in the wider and wilder corners of his talents.

A big turning point in the concert is the Magic Mike segment which surprised- if not shocked- the audience, disturbing the seriousness among the audience. It was a hit.  

While backing dancers with toned bodies were doing some macho dancing routines, Kiel stormed into the center topless, showing off his abs-less yet not fat-layered physique. The audience seemed to have woken up from a coma.

Still, I find him in that number sexy. You know, witty is the new sexy.

Guests: Jun Polistigo, Eva Eugenio, Carlo Mendoza, etc.

Kiel elevated the happy spirit of Music Museum with his collaborations with two veteran singers who seemed to be passing an inch of their stardom to this rising performer.

His duet with Jun Polistico for the song Hallelujah was actually my favorite. I did not expect that the blending of the two singers’ voices gave this Leonard Cohen classic a new soothing color. And some goose bumps.

Another highly entertaining act was with Eva Eugenio who literally rocked the house with her power vocals and frankness. Kiel kept on referring to the Tukso singer, “tita” with his innocent, unassuming face as if he was to be preyed on by an older woman.

For the two's funny exchange of lines, they were wondering who the real jukebox queen was. They agreed that whoever is guesting in the concert takes the title.

I find Kiel a good team player, not too dominating in any of the acts that he shared with other performers.

At the start of the show, Kiel sang with fellow rising performers including my other favorite Carlo Mendoza. Carlo, his co-star in Kanser, delivered a new arrangement of Broadway hit, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I hope he also gets his own concert -- in God's time. 

Pilipinas Got Talent finalist Orville also delivered two numbers using her signature comic style. For his second appearance, he equated the household brand Nissin to Listen. It took me minutes to connect the song to what he was drawing from his dress, but I ended on cloud nine upon figuring out the supposed homonym. 

An Artistry to Watch Out For 

During his concert, Kiel sang his original song composed by Vehnee Saturno, the same person that gave birth to Sarah Geronimo’s Forever’s Not Enough and many other hits.

Aasa Ka Pa is about someone wondering why the person he is in love with is still waiting for the love of another man while ignoring his genuine feelings. Aside from its commendable melody, the substance of the lyrics is very relatable to anyone.

Watch the video here recorded by Maine Nadaya and don't forget to subscribe to his channel.

When he reached the final part of the concert, Kiel scored a phase in the life of an artist- that hurtful moment when an opportunity does not belong to the artist. 

That moment, I could see Kiel's fiery spirit with full of enthusiasm, ready to take on a ride towards the higher tide. He then sang Survivor’s The Search is Over as a way of thanking the audience for being part of his journey.


But who is one greater supporter of Kiel that night other than his manager, Jobert who aced all the stress of producing the concert. With his magnificence, he stood backstage to shelter his talent while the rising performer appeared before the crowd with incredibly total poise despite all the unexpected events that unfolded that night.

The successful concert of Kiel means one thing- he is ready to light up a bigger venue with more people and crazier controversies. Follow Kiel Alo on Facebook HERE. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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