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Christian Lizardo Aligo - Expressing my meaty, sexy and crazy thoughts that will strike hard against your harder balls! Let's talk about Sagada and the Igorot-landia, my journey to the PR and real estate industries, national and international political controversies, and other stuff that cross my mind. Email me at [email protected] to connect with my hairless bangs.


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Sharing Craziness One Word At A Time

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Back when I was working as a Public Relations and Communications team member at New Media Service...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
The new generation of workforce, the Millenials, wants to grow with a company that respects their...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Yes, you read the title right! The lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning band Maroon 5 is appea...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Last June, I celebrated my birthday. And it felt I have fulfilled one tenth of my bucket list. To go beyond the woodlands of the Cord...
What's Adam Levine's Sexiest Secret?

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Everyone knows and agrees that he is the sexiest man alive. But what really makes Adam Levine se...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
One of the advantages of having been raised in the highland Cordilleras is our high alcohol tol...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
On July 1, a bus full of artists & filmmakers will close the Puerto Princesa Underground Riv...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
While most households in Puerto Princesea City on the Palawan island enjoy the convenience of el...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
When the Philippines welcomed Vietnamese refugees to the shores of the archipelago, something ta...



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