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Christian Lizardo Aligo - Expressing my meaty, sexy and crazy thoughts that will strike hard against your harder balls! Let's talk about Sagada and the Igorot-landia, my journey to the PR and real estate industries, national and international political controversies, and other stuff that cross my mind. Email me at [email protected] to connect with my hairless bangs.


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Sharing Craziness One Word At A Time

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
It’s Christmas time again, and we’re all rushing to prepare for family reunions, company parties, coffee dates with friends, and even we...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Every person has undergone that haunting moment in the morning when we wake up and spot out a pimple growing in some visible part of the f...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
This is how I start the day: I enter the Showroom, feel the morning energy while sitting on the sofa, checkout messages on my FB ang emai...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
If you are a one ride away from any Watsons or SM Department Stores branch, you are also a ride away from medically-backed acne-free face...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
After seeing photos of the mountains a few weeks ago, I began getting homesick. The very high temperature of the metropolis fueled my ...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Great Britain A village in South Central Sagada not Europe Yanganauts People from Eastern Sagada who must have been to the mo...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Today is my second day of coverage the Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2017. With me are Aci Bornea of Aci Girl and Kenneth Surat of Ken...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
I honestly do not remember the last time I celebrated my birthday. What I know is that I have reached the age when birthdays are mere remi...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Years ago when I came to Manila, I communicated with my good friend Vienna to file for a day leave to accompany me to my job interview in ...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
For three days, I have stayed inside my room in Paranaque bearing an unbearable pain in my left foot. I thought the pain would cease a...



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