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On this personal blog, I write a wide range of topics from political insights to lifestyle scoops to helpful business tools. Email me at [email protected] to share my second cup of coffee.

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Recent Stories

Pawnshops remain relevant along with the changing times

Pawning has been an industry that is synonymous with augmenting the needs of majority of Philippine households. In a study released by Ken Research Private Ltd in April 2016, it is identified that 90% of the Philippine household subsist on less than $10 a day, making pawnshops a viable and trusted option for individuals in need of immediate cash.

With more than 17,000 pawnshop branches in the country today, pawning provides individuals with easy and accessible solutions to immediate cash needs of the common Filipino.[1] 

In spite the massive scale and the length of reach of the business, pawning is an industry that often struggles with the negative connotation that it preys on the needs of the destitute and the middle-class. There is also a connotation that pawning items is for those who are truly desperate for cash, while others worry on the safety and security of their pawned items.

Contrary to these misconceptions, Philippine pawnshops are highly professional organizations that follow strictest code of operations, based on the guidelines set by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and complies the strictest requirements on corporate governance as set by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

In fact, pawnshops has become one of the biggest supporters of BSP’s program in promoting microfinancial services as a means of providing access to the poor and to micro and small entrepreneurs financial access, something that is not otherwise possible via banks and bigger financial organizations.[2]

Jean Henri Lhuillier, president & CEO of Cebuana Lhuillier, the country’s largest microfinancial services provider, was quick to dispel the preconceived notions that come with pawning. Lhuillier helms the lead in Cebuana Lhuillier, an organization that proudly positions itself as “a business with a social mission of financial inclusion.”

“Pawning has become instrumental in changing the lives of many Filipinos – thanks to its capability to immediately ease and assuage a financial burden. As someone who has grown with the country’s number one pawnshop brand, I have personally witnessed many success stories made possible by pawning—from a mother who sends her children to school, made possible by a few heirloom pieces; to an enterprising young man who got his first business capital by pawning. Pawning proved to be the fastest and easiest means to get access to cash – this can be traced back to the days of ancient China and even to day and age of computers and technical advancements, the value of pawning does not change or diminish, especially when it moves and evolves with the changing of the times,” Lhuillier said.

Here’s how pawnshops is evolving with the times as a means to address the common misconceptions in pawning:

  • Strictest quality check for pawned items – pawnshops follow a strict guideline before they accept pawned items. Branch personnel are trained appraisers and follows strict regulations from BSP. Contrary to a common misconception that pawnshops accept stolen jewelries, pawnshop personnel are trained to work together with law enforcement agencies to prevent this from happening.

  • Fast, efficient pawning process – In some pawnshops, the whole pawning process is done and over in five minutes. Pawnshops employ a dedicated lane for pawning clients and has adapted well to technology by putting modern systems in place to make sure the pawning process is easy, quick and efficient.

  • Putting utmost value and care for pawned items – To ensure the safety of the pawned items, strict security process are followed – from the opening to closing of the branch, to the placement of CCTV cameras and guards stationed in place.

  • Pawnshops are modern one-stop shop for microfinancial services – The pawnshop branches of today are bright, safe, air-conditioned offices that functions as a one-stop shop for its client’s microfinancial needs. For example, Cebuana Lhuillier, the largest pawnshop chain in the Philippines, is also considered as the country’s leading provider of microfinancial services. The company supports and actively campaigns the financial inclusion program of the government and has set services in place that answers the financial needs of the vast majority of Filipinos, particularly the underbanked and unbanked. 

  • Exceptional customer service in place– Understanding the value of pawned items left in its care, more established pawnshops usually has its own customer service team in place to handle queries and concerns. One good example of this is Cebuana Lhuillier’s 24K Card which serves as a loyalty card, eCard and money card all at the same time.

Filipino Bloggers Network & Metrobuzz Get Together 2019

Now on its sixth year, the annual Get Together party of the Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN) together with Metrobuzz Bloggers has become bigger and brighter with more sponsors and partners giving their support to two of the most active blogger groups in the country today.

Salu, a popular Filipino cuisine in Quezon City, will be hosting this year’s gathering of bloggers and online influencers on January 05.

FBN and Metrobuzz members anticipate the annual gathering as an opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old pals they have not seen for a while. Representatives of different PR groups and brands will also grace the event to personally thank members of the online community who have supported them in the past years.

FBN currently has almost 2,000 members and continue to expand as it provides a venue for Filipino bloggers from around the Philippines to interact with other members from different parts of the country. Moderating the discussions and posting opportunities from several brands for the Filipino Bloggers Network are co-admins Divine RC and Richard Mamuyac and for MetroBuzz is Lariza Garcia.

This year’s celebration was supported by the following generous sponsors:
  • PNP-NCRPO Chief Director General Guillermo Eleazar


Salu is an all authentic Filipino restaurant. A journey to more than 7,107 tastebud experience.

SvelT’i Slim, Trim & Gleam provides advanced health and beauty services using state of the art technology. They offer non-invasive body and skin rejuvenation therapies to improve body curvatures and reverse the signs of aging.
Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances combine style and performance to meet the high demands of fast-paced living. Taking into account the high cost of living and non-stop surge of prices of commodities, Fujidenzo Appliances are designed to give quality performance at the most consumer-friendly prices. With Fujidenzo, you get the latest features and technologies all within the budget of the average Filipino household.

Cowboy Grill has been the for LIVE BANDS, GREAT FOOD, and UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for over 15 years. They have the wide range selection of mouth watering menu that suits every appetite and various mixed alcoholic drinks, beverages and other liquors.

Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair and Spa has been in the beauty and wellness industry for 30 years, offering quality of products and services. Among its noteworthy services are whitening facials, anti-aging and pimple treatments, hair coloring and rebonding services, eyelash extensions, body scrubs, hair and spa massage. Dermcare has over 115 branches nationwide.

Novelina is an industry leader in the production of powder and cream hair color. At the same time, it also carries its professional line of hair care products which includes cream hair color, shampoo, conditioner, and rebonding formulas. Novelina is also the OEM manufacturer of hair-color for two of the world’s largest and most prestigious hair-dye brands being marketed in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, North and South America, as well as the Middle East.

Sinalco is popular quality German cola beverage which is now being sold in 50 countries worldwide. It has a wide assortment of beverage products (carbonated soft drinks, natural fruit juice, ice-tea, non-alcoholic beer, sports drink, mineral water). In the Philippines EURO INTERBEV CORPORATION was awarded the exclusive license by SINALCO International Brands GmbH & Co. KG based in Duisberg, Germany to import, sell and produce Sinalco products. Two of Sinalco’s best drinks are Sinalco Cola 330 ml – a high quality carbonated softdrinks that has an extraordinary cola flavor and contains the natural aroma of caramel, natural colourings and refreshing carbon dioxide; and Sinalco Special 330 ml - a high quality carbonated fruit flavour soft drink that has an extraordinary flavor and contains combination of four fruit flavours in one can, natural colourings and refreshing carbon dioxide.

Cebuana Lhuillier is the Philippines’ leading and largest non-bank financial services provider specializing in pawning, remittance, and micro-insurance.


FuentesManila is one of the few full-service PR agencies in the Philippines. While publicity remains its core service, FuentesManila provides the following services to its clients: Publicity, Special Events, Online Publicity, Advertising, Media Monitoring, Creatives & Graphic Design and Digital PR.

LeapOut is a digital marketing agency that works directly with brands and mid-size businesses in developing digital strategy and campaign execution. The agency's services include the following:
Get in touch with LeapOut at tel (02)750 7630 or email [email protected].

MAAPR Information Technology Solutions is a media marketing consultancy owned by Marlon Aldenese and established last August 2015. Email Marlon at [email protected]

Strategic Works, Inc. works with the possibility of making an idea come to life as they spot the hot buttons that unlock consumers’ hearts and brand success. They do Public Relations, Creative Services, Activations, Events Management, Digital Marketing and Advocacy and Social Marketing.

DDB Group Philippines is a full-service communications group composed of award-winning advertising, digital, media, activation, and PR agencies. Over the years, the group has made a mark in local and international markets by creating cutting-edge solutions for a diverse portfolio of local and multinational clients. The group lives by one philosophy…CREATIVITY is the most powerful force in business.

Perceptions, Inc. is a public relations company that provides PR counselling and various corporate and marketing communications services to business and industrial organizations, government institutions as well as trade and professional associations.

CID Communication is a leading and pioneering public relations firm in the Philippines. The work with companies locally and abroad to design and implement effective communication campaigns to further an organization, individual, or a cause.

Full Circle Communications, Inc. (Full Circle) is a full-service public relations firm based in the Philippines. They have been working with clients to create proactive, ongoing public relations campaigns that generate positive press coverage. The company helps both established and budding companies attain and sustain positive and favorable image.

M2Comms understands that perfection doesn’t exist – but greatness does. Their team won’t waste your time by coming up with perfect plans that will be easily derailed by circumstance. For them, it’s better to execute now with a good plan and get immediate feedback. If the results are not good, they’re ready to own up to our mistakes and revise the plan. And if the results are good, they’ll improve the plan until the clients achieve greatness.

Havas Media Ortega is the first full-service media agency providing end-to-end solutions in the Philippines. It does not only offer the most complete and cohesive set of media services in the Philippines, it also aspires to provide clients work that is best in class in all the media channels on offer.

FleishmanHillard Manila works with many local and global leading companies seeking targeted growth by combining local strategic thinking with a powerful global network.  

EON Group is a regional communications consultancy delivering data-inspired and human-centered solutions that impact the businesses of their clients. The company aims to champion truth-telling as an instrument for meaningful and lasting change.

Green Bulb is an independent communications agency that develops campaigns for brands; a team of communication experts dedicated in delivering brand’s message and vision to the market.

i55 Talent House is a consultation agency which gather talents who would see the world differently, and help clients create valuable stories that would INFECT and INSPIRE. Their vision is to create a world where brands communicate REAL STORIES to inspire people, communities, economies, and the world.

Paperclip Communications is a group of consummate professionals who brings a personalized approach in servicing your requirements. They will customize their campaigns to precisely fit your needs. They will walk you through from the beginning to the end of the process, from initial conceptualization, project execution to post-project evaluation. More than just account managers or communication providers, they are reliable, committed partners towards your reaching growing levels of success through public relations, media & events managements.

Lorem Ipsum is a boutique marketing communications agency that swiftly gained impact and traction because of its experience, knowledge and relationships. It is a lean team gifted with drive and ferocity to develop and execute marketing and PR campaigns that are right on point, disruptive and relevant.


That Sad 2018 That Got Away

The four-day off for the New Year's holiday is all about the annoying rainy weather stopping me to go somewhere else. It literally controlled everything.

At nine in the evening yesterday, I booked a motor ride to join my young brother’s family in Caloocan in meeting the new year. We drank brandy and had a nice chat about our family back in Sagada- we both agreed our youngest has improved a lot and we're happy about it.

Yesterday I was browsing through social media posts and there is this one series of photos that interprets the behavior of people. Interestingly, I found one listed behavior that is quite observable in me.

I laugh easily, even at very simple things. According to the post, the behavior says I am lonely inside. Yeah, lonely inside.

Recently, I watched Relatable, a Netflix special featuring Ellen DeGeneres doing stand up. I had a very good laugh. I am also a bit obsessed with Vice Ganda; I watch his movies on iWant and clips on YouTube.

Are these symptoms of loneliness? I do not deny the fact that I have distanced myself from the world. I stopped traveling-- sleeping is my favorite hobby. I stopped attending events and parties. I stopped everything social. I even decided to stop blogging.

For the first five months of 2018, I continued working with the same company I've been with for three years. Basically both my pay and position were exemplary, but there were things I wanted to do but I could not with my working condition.

After many sessions with my boss, we agreed on a decision that it is better for me to go. As soon as I left the former workplace, I was already  found a new playground.

While doing medical check-ups, I was faced by my nightmare once again. Medical findings discovered that there were protein contents in my urine and further tests showed my kidneys were that of an old person.

I had to take medication for three months to see if I was coping. It was expensive so I had to sympathize with my broken wallet (hate me for that but I reached the point wherein I had no money to buy those costly meds).

Everyday as I take a pill, I would think of the possibility that my kidneys would fail leaving me dead. Everyday, I taught myself to get rid of stress and worries- as a favor to myself- to enjoy life because I will never know what's gonna happen in my life the next day.

If you've worked with me before, I am a dumb, forgetful person. And it takes a long time for me to master one thing. But once I am okay with the environment and I am familiar with the procedures, I offer the best heart as a team member (charot lang).

I can do many things as long as I do not deal with a person who is fond of shouting. Believe me, that is my only limitation. And believe me for saying I have practiced keeping calm but I ended up losing it.

Talking about death is pretty tough, but I have openly discussed this with my younger brothers and my mother. We never know. This year, I have lost two lovely persons. 

I can say I am indeed lonely inside. I am guilty of that. But this 2019 will have another version of life. 

Why Buy Your next Pre-Loved Car on Automart

Used but not abuse, the first owner say. But the mechanic who attended the newly-purchased second-hand car says otherwise.

Buying a second hand car is tricky and stressful. Aside from the mysterious condition of the car, there are no widely- accepted standards on how a used car should be priced.

Newly-launched Automart brings the parties of the buyer and the seller to a single platform to solve this problem of the trade. The buying process is simple- the buyer joins the auction.

A deposit of P5,000 qualifies a buyer to join the auction of cars that were either privately owned or repossessed by the bank. I tried to check out what is on the store, and here's what I've got (Screenshot of the Automart website):

Automart, headed by Poch Ceballows who helped grow Uber, Grab and Traveloka in the Philippines, studied all the concerns of buying a second hand car to come up with a solution that both the buyer and seller agree.

1.   All cars on the list are inspected by experts to get the real condition of every car. However, please note that it is a tough task to check on used products like cars, houses, books and computers.

2. The cars could be seen personally to the area where they are parked. A staff of Automart can accompany a prospect buyer for assistance most especially in matching the requirements of the buyer to the list of offered cars.

3.    Buyers give their price through online auction. Thus, buyers get the car at their exact pricing term. This is something new to the market, and this really makes sense since second hand items do not have a standard in terms of pricing.

4.    Automart is in partnership with BDO, Global Dominion Financing Co., Autostrada, and Park & Sell Dealers. These could give more options to buyers in terms of available listing and services.

As of now, there are three categories of car: truck, motor and car. To check on the listing, visit HERE. 

Consult with a Lawyer through a Videocall?

Do you need to hear from a lawyer but do not have enough time to visit a physical law firm, there’s an app for you. And it is called, "LexMeet".

LexMeet gives you access to people in the legal profession who could help you with your concerns with your personal life or business using just a computer and the internet. It is like a dating website among two categories of people- those in need of legal advice and the legal experts.

Screenshot from LexMeet website.

I had the chance to meet the people behind this breakthrough technology at the Blogapalooza event in the City of Dreams a few days ago. LexMeet has a network of legit lawyers from around the Philippines, ready to take on tasks booked through the website.

I even asked if they had contacts in Baguio City, since I can name more than a dozen of lawyers there who were my schoolmates at Saint Louis University back then. Interestingly, they have.

What I like about the website is that it utilizes video chat for consultations. It is very convenient to working people with less time to physically meet a lawyer especially if the needed lawyer for a specific case is geographically far. 

It is also important to note that the service heavily depends on the strength of both party's internet connection.

Another smart feature of the website, a filter function helps you look for the lawyer from your preferred location, language and expertise. This makes it possible for a client to talk to a lawyer he is comfortable to talk with.

When I signed up for an account, I could not find my activation email so I tapped the chat button of the website which is automatically linked to my Facebook account as my FB was already opened when I accessed the site. In a few seconds, I was already logged in with the efficient handling of the customer service rep on the other side.

The dashboard is quite easy to understand and use. The first I noticed was the "submit legal problem" button. It appears like a worksheet to me. A drop down menu is required to identify the category of the problem being inquired for, but there is a last option which is "anything under the sun".

For your reference on the categories, here are the categories:

Screenshot from LexMeet website.

In the "facts of the case" part, I love the way a Filipino or Tagalog version is placed after the English instructions. I am not sure if it is possible to go directly to the chat button of the website and talk to a representative about the problem instead if the client is not comfortable typing his own facts. 

Credits to avail of the service of the lawyers through the website can be bought via PayPal, DragonPay and In a note shown to me when I logged in, it says a video chat is worth P500. 

To know more information about LexMeet and have your first video chat with a lawyer, sign up for an account on now.

How Probinsiyanos Spend Their Salary

Instead of going abroad, some Filipinos from the rural parts of the country chose to advance their career in the congested capital region. “Probinsiyano”, they are called.

The probinsiyano people relocate to Metro Manila to look for a wide range of opportunities and adventures. “Pakikipagsapalaran” is a Filipino term that refers to their journey of testing the waters in the metro.

Some end up getting the job they want; others end up with another job they need to do just to feed themselves. 

Every Payday: Remittance

Every payday, probinisyanos go to remittance centers to send money to their loved ones back home. Through a text message, they inform their loved ones of the recent “padala” and some instructions on how the money should be spent:

P1,000 para sa gamot ni Mama
P500 para sa project ni Junjun
P1,500 para sa utang ko kay Pareng Kaloy
P5,000 para sa grocery hanggang katapusan

While bank deposit is a much cheaper alternative, some places in the country still do not have banks so people still rely on remittance centers.

Photo Courtesy of Judge Florentino Floro/ WikiMedia

Monthly Expenses: Boarding House/Apartment/Condo

Usually probinisyanos rent an apartment with their workmates or kababayans to save on rental expenses.  When one is laid off from work and could no longer contribute, they look for a replacement quickly.

There are a few cheaper options for accommodation In Mandaluyong, there are capsule rooms. In Makati, there are condo units that were turned into bedspace rentals.

Aside from monthly rental, utility bills are also part of the list of monthly expenses.

Daily Expense: Commuting and Food 

Most probinsiyanos do not own a car. Thus, they rely on public transportation.

Nowadays, there are other transport vehicles that are much convenient, safer and friendlier. UV Express, Grab, and Angkas are good alternatives to bus, jeep, tricycle and trains.

Renting a place near the workplace is one big solution to lower travel expenses. However, rental rate in business districts where most people work are quite high so comparison needs to be done before renting out a place near the workplace.

Food expenses are also huge. But this is something basic so only proper diet and discipline can help lower food expenses.

On Improving the Finances of a Probinsiyano

I am also a probinsiyano. I go home to a rented condo in Pasig and work in Ortigas from Monday to Friday. For five years, I have been battling head to head with expenses and the seasonal requests from my family. 

Here are a couple of insights that I want to share on how we keep fighting and improving our finances:

Calculate your expenses to have a better grip of it. Expenses are recurring so you can forecast how much you need to survive for the month. In doing this, you will always know if it is time to cut on your vices or reconsider your priorities in life.

If you decide to take a sideline after your full-time job, make sure you take care of yourself. Take vitamins and prioritize your sleep. Once you cannot control your stress or get sick, you get sick and cannot do both your fulltime and part-time jobs. It is also important to have your health and life insurance so you are protected no matter what happens to you while you are away working for your family.

To better manage your finances, it is best to talk to a financial adviser. Aside from knowing whether or not you are spending your salary wisely, you will get to know the many ways to save and invest. As what one of my best friends has told me, we will NOT stay here in Metro Manila to work for someone FOREVER.

Could Leaxcoin be the Solution for Real Estate Transaction Woes?

Shame on me- I literally spent the entire morning making multiple phone calls to Mr. Mark Wagan, co-founder of Leaxcoin here in the Philippines, because I wanted to be educated with how crypto-currency and blockchain technologies work and how these make  our lives easier.

I just wanted to learn. And I am lucky to know someone from this industry who can accommodate my questions.

Mr. Wagan patiently simplified the concept while I tried my best to digest every concept he threw. I was quite honest with him to say what is not clear to me and when we aligned, I told him what is causing the confusion.

If you want to add your knowledge about blockchain, this may be a good read:

PRESS RELEASE- When it comes to the real estate transaction, Leaxcoin becomes one of the projects offered in the crypto world. For you who are interested to learn further about this project, let us learn more about it.

What Is Leaxcoin?

Leaxcoin is actually another decentralized worldwide currency which adopts the blockchain technology especially Ethereum which is considered as the leader for smart contract evolution. This platform presents a solution for all problems associated with transactions in the real estate industry.

In this case, the solution offered includes rent, purchase, lease as well as real estate launch or property registry. By using the platform, users are supposed to away from any problem around real estate transaction.

In its website, it is said that the platform can be a success when it has a worldwide real estate community specialists alongside experienced developers. In this case, the team will make compulsory tools to link all process of real estate and the property regulatory agencies into the blockchain.

The Primary Focus of Leaxcoin Project

There are some elements that become the main focus of this project. The following is a little detail about each of the element.

Property Registry

Thanks to the blockchain technology used to protect the platform, The Leaxcoin ensures an unchangeable database. Here, the whole platform ecosystem is aimed for local as well as the worldwide community with applications, solutions, and tools to a complete integration with the notary, registry and government institutions.

Contracts, Listing, and Real Estate Crowdsale

Leaxcoin offers a platform that is transparent and free from conflicts. More interestingly, there is nothing like high cost or time-consuming in the process of verification. Any information will be treated automatically based on the agreed protocol.

Official Leaxcoin Wallet

There will be Leaxcoin wallet within the platform. The wallet here is fully developed within the blockchain network of Ethereum. The network has been encrypted as well to prevent theft and fraud or other problems.

Community and Worldwide Support

Together with all the team, a worldwide community is supposed to be built to provide new resources for the revolution of the real estate world. More importantly, the community will be encouraged and rewarded as well to get involved in the marketing and development of the platform.


To conclude, Leaxcoin is a revolutionary platform with blockchain technology as its base. It offers a solution for any problem that usually appears in the traditional real estate transaction. It has several focuses with property registry as one of them. Overall, it can be an excellent cryptocurrency to check for.

For more information:

Website :

Note: Images lifted from the FB page of Leaxcoin.

Century Park Hotel Supports Miss Earth 2018 Figure and Form Preliminary Judging

Miss Earth pageant Renowned establishment Century Park Hotel (CPH) recently hosted the Miss Earth 2018 Figure and Form Pre-judging.

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said, “The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” Over 90 delegates from different countries and regions showcased their curves and figures to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of the human form. 

The Figure and Form Pre-judging is considered one of the most crucial phases leading to the big event which will culminate on November 3, 2018 during the Miss Earth Coronation Night at the MOA Arena. 

Carousel Productions, Inc., is the official organizer of Miss Earth.

Check out more photos below:

Century Park Hotel is one of the hotel sponsors for Miss Earth 2018.  It has been supporting the pageant’s advocacy for three years in a row by providing the delegates a home away from home with its unique brand of Filipino hospitality.

For more information about Century Park Hotel, click HERE.

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