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Mass Communication and Certificate in Teaching (Licensed) at St. Louis University, University of Life Major in Adulting and UV Express Commuting


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A dark-skinned, grace-less Igorot folk, who at times is asked whether or not bears Chinese blood, needs to smile to tell the world he's happy because of an angry resting face

Recent Stories

Me Not Complaining for Gout-less 2019

The face mask on the table at the condominium unit I rent with three strangers in Cubao is now officially......... inutil!

I had an awful allergic rhinitis attack yesterday while inside the company van as we were driving back to Ortigas from South Forbes, but it was pretty much manageable without a face mask.

With fear of coughing in the middle of spiels, I co-presented the Christmas Party of Cathay Land at a private space in Acienda Designer Outlet.

I ended the party storming in to the bathroom after realizing that blood was flowing from my nose; I also had a couple times of it a few days before.

Only minors, not complaining. What's important is that I am walking to wherever I wanted to go. 

The best thing about this year is that I never had a gout attack, same as last year. This may be the result of less liquor intake (bye Empe!) because the new set of people around me are occasional drinkers and not artek, an Ilocano term for drunkards.

Two weeks ago, I had some viral infection which got me tied to my bed for three and a half days. When I got back to work, I saw my pay slip crying.

Oh, another minor. 

Anyway, I really wanted to get back to my jogging and running hobbies. Thus this 2020, I need to look for jogging buddies to help me push myself to this active lifestyle endeavor. Any volunteers?

I was telling Syrell, an old friend who once worked with me at Duraville, that I wanted to walk from Ortigas to Cubao every day. Dubious to my real intentions, she tried to decode it. 

I admitted to her that I shifted my new insurance to PhilAm which has a program called “Vitality”. This supplementary program gives rewards to jogging, gym and other specific activity requirements.

I have many goals and challenges in mind to beat in. But first, I just hope that I will never buy a face mask again.

Smoother Skin by Nu Brilliance Rechargeable Hair Remover

Hair-- sometimes, it could be an asset, and at times it could be a liability.

Although it is a form of personal expression, facial hair is sometimes frowned upon most especially if you are in sales or someone whose life revolves around the the reception lobby. Good thing for the male population, it is a bit acceptable to see hair in the armpits, in the legs, and in the arms. 

The new Nu Brilliance Hairless Body & Legs Hair Remover is one tool that needs a space in the grooming department. The hair remover comes with a complete set: a charging cable, protective cover, a cleaning brush, and a travel pouch. 

When you receive your Nu Brilliance hair remover package, you will know that this is something deliberate unlike other hair remover brands on the market.

With a quick press on the power button, the machine sound and the built-in light should start. The light gives additional brightness to the skin area that you are working on. However, I still recommend going to a bright area like the outdoors or in the bathroom or powder room to ensure that you clearly see everything.

Since the device is handy and designed to hold your grip on it, running it on the skin is very easy. You can feel the hair being cut and that adds up to the thrill. And you do not need to put too much pressure on the skin. It’s easier to use than the manual blades.

Before anything else, make sure that your hair is not applied with lotion or any chemicals that could make the cutting difficult. After using it, you may use the brush to clean up the hair. Press the mouth lock to access the space where the hair is contained. Afterwards, you may put the protective cover when safekeeping it in the cabinet.

Charging the device is also super easy. Connecting it to any USB port of a laptop, desktop computer or even a TV set.

My favorite part of it is that there is no redness or irritation in the skin afterward. It must be the titanium base of the cutter. I value the safety of my skin so no pain shall touch it. 

While the device is water resistant, I still recommend to take good care of it against water. There is a manual for more information about this product.

To know more about Nu Brilliance Hairless Body & Legs Hair Remover, click HERE.  

Rising Singer Kiel Alo Flexes Incredible Poise at Controversial Birthday Concert

NOVEMBER 6, 2019- When Aficionado owner Joel Cruz learned that new-breed singer Kiel Alo is staging a birthday concert, he canceled his tour to attend the special event.

The perfume mogul sat among dozens of fans and supporters, including Anabelle Rama and Daisy Romualdez, who flocked to the Music Museum to witness "Ako Naman Po".

After meeting Kiel at the musical play Kanser where he headlined as Crisostomo Ibarra, I thought he was only a double threat- he could act and sing live. But during this birthday concert organized by his manager Jobert Sucaldito, he proved that he can also be another bomb.

Going Romantic and Sexy

To turn the energy on, Kiel opened the concert with a medley of Jordin Sparks’ This is My Now and Beyonce’s Listen. His interpretation of Shawn Shendez’s Senorita further made a statement that he is indeed a romantic balladeer.

While Kiel is a quality stage actor, a closer look at this young persona suggests there are more to explore in the wider and wilder corners of his talents.

A big turning point in the concert is the Magic Mike segment which surprised- if not shocked- the audience, disturbing the seriousness among the audience. It was a hit.  

While backing dancers with toned bodies were doing some macho dancing routines, Kiel stormed into the center topless, showing off his abs-less yet not fat-layered physique. The audience seemed to have woken up from a coma.

Still, I find him in that number sexy. You know, witty is the new sexy.

Guests: Jun Polistigo, Eva Eugenio, Carlo Mendoza, etc.

Kiel elevated the happy spirit of Music Museum with his collaborations with two veteran singers who seemed to be passing an inch of their stardom to this rising performer.

His duet with Jun Polistico for the song Hallelujah was actually my favorite. I did not expect that the blending of the two singers’ voices gave this Leonard Cohen classic a new soothing color. And some goose bumps.

Another highly entertaining act was with Eva Eugenio who literally rocked the house with her power vocals and frankness. Kiel kept on referring to the Tukso singer, “tita” with his innocent, unassuming face as if he was to be preyed on by an older woman.

For the two's funny exchange of lines, they were wondering who the real jukebox queen was. They agreed that whoever is guesting in the concert takes the title.

I find Kiel a good team player, not too dominating in any of the acts that he shared with other performers.

At the start of the show, Kiel sang with fellow rising performers including my other favorite Carlo Mendoza. Carlo, his co-star in Kanser, delivered a new arrangement of Broadway hit, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I hope he also gets his own concert -- in God's time. 

Pilipinas Got Talent finalist Orville also delivered two numbers using her signature comic style. For his second appearance, he equated the household brand Nissin to Listen. It took me minutes to connect the song to what he was drawing from his dress, but I ended on cloud nine upon figuring out the supposed homonym. 

An Artistry to Watch Out For 

During his concert, Kiel sang his original song composed by Vehnee Saturno, the same person that gave birth to Sarah Geronimo’s Forever’s Not Enough and many other hits.

Aasa Ka Pa is about someone wondering why the person he is in love with is still waiting for the love of another man while ignoring his genuine feelings. Aside from its commendable melody, the substance of the lyrics is very relatable to anyone.

Watch the video here recorded by Maine Nadaya and don't forget to subscribe to his channel.

When he reached the final part of the concert, Kiel scored a phase in the life of an artist- that hurtful moment when an opportunity does not belong to the artist. 

That moment, I could see Kiel's fiery spirit with full of enthusiasm, ready to take on a ride towards the higher tide. He then sang Survivor’s The Search is Over as a way of thanking the audience for being part of his journey.


But who is one greater supporter of Kiel that night other than his manager, Jobert who aced all the stress of producing the concert. With his magnificence, he stood backstage to shelter his talent while the rising performer appeared before the crowd with incredibly total poise despite all the unexpected events that unfolded that night.

The successful concert of Kiel means one thing- he is ready to light up a bigger venue with more people and crazier controversies. Follow Kiel Alo on Facebook HERE. 

#iBlog15 Insight: Is Blogging Now Obsolete?

NOVEMBER 9, 2019- Today is the 15th iBlog, a prominent summit organized to tackle about the impact of  blogging and  the entire digital arena in the Philippines. On its final run, the summit was held at the Malcolm Theater in UP Diliman.

Ms. Janette Toral, the persona behind iBlog, gave a brief talk at the end of the session encouraging everyone to continue blogging. It was well-celebrated as most of the people, both panelists and the attendees, are genuinely big names- let's say, the stardom level of  political blogger Tonyo Cruz, personal finance guru Fitz Villafuerte and Our Awesome Planet owner Anton Diaz!!! (with three exclamation marks).

Sorry for the poor quality photos. 

Upon entering the hall, I was right with my decision of bringing a sweater. It was damn cold inside Malcolm Theater. So with myself missing a cup of coffee just to beat the registration time, I treated myself to these takeaways from the sets of panelists. 
iBlog15 Insight #1. With blogging evolving to vlogging, the next big communication model is PODCASTING. 

So should I open my own space on Spotify now? 
iBlog15 Insight #2. For the rate card, it’s easier to go lower during the negotiation phase than asking for a higher price in the next campaign. So, make that peso sign bigger.

I honestly have gone through the rate card of some people in the panelists in the past as part of my job. Now I know how that go around that "too expensive" reaction when I review one's rate card.
iBlog15 Insight #3.The failure of seasoned bloggers to self-organize gave newbie bloggers the chance to define blogging.

However with celebrities becoming bloggers already, will they be able to do something good for the benefit of the regular guys?
Insight #4. Monetization of blogs has been a taboo as blogging is considered passion. But again, passion should also be sustaining.

I think passion should not make us broke at the end of the day. 
Insight #5. While other blogs are busy sharing their experiences with hotels and restos, the ‘Bakla Po Ako’ blog is quietly saving lives.

Now we know who really deserves some recognition.
Insight #6. The three trends in the Philippines are:
a. Cashless payments
b. E-sports- live streaming of DOTA and its inclusion in the SEA games
c. Super Apps like Grab, Go-Jek.
iBlog15 Insight #7. With the dynamic digital media channels and styles, "bloggers" and "influencers" are more apt to be called "CONTENT CREATORS".

Even in the digital space, evolution is real. 
iBlog15 Insight #8. After a day, an IG story promotion disappears. A blog article will stay forever as long as the blog is also alive.

Long term is the real deal.
A run down of the panelist who shared the above-listed insights:

How Blogging Has Changed the Philippine Internet Space
-Abe Olandres
-Ruben Licera
-Tonyo Cruz
-Jane Uymatiao 

Bloggers: Crossing Boundaries
-Chad Ting Ramos
-Joemar Belleza
-Apple Allison
-Carlo Ople

Bloggers: Monetization & Competition
-Earth Rullan
-Anton Diaz
-Vince Golangco
-Fitz Villafuerte
-Bert Azura Padilla

Honestly, I was there for two reasons. 

First, I finally have no work today-- unlike in the past years when I was a top no-show attendee. Now that I'm with Cathay Land, my weekends are usually free for personal stuff. 

Second, my blogger friend who attended previous iBlog sessions scored that iBlog is very academic with its panelists having real substance. Well in all fairness, what they told me were not fake news.

I was really glad to have finally met Alvin Ferias, the SEO guy from Mindoro, in person who I did not recognize at first because my memory really sucks. 

There were also interesting new folks  in the corner, but I was limiting myself because I only brought like five pieces of outdated business cards -- yes, remember the new NTC guideline on all PLDT telephone numbers getting prefix 8?

Now let's move to BLOGAPALOOZA, another important event for bloggers in the Philippines. To know more about iBlog, CLICK HERE. 

Keeping Up with Kendall Jenner's Acne-Free Skin

Long before the Barretto family caught your interest, another family in the US was everyone’s talk of the town. The good thing about this American family is their genuine achievements not just in showbiz but in the way we treat ourselves. 

The Kardashians have their gem- Kendall Jenner, the self-made billionaire who keeps on stealing the spotlight in their reality show, Keeping up with The Kardashians.

You may know Kendall as one of the highest paid models in the world, having walked for many high-end designers and modelled for fashion magazines and brands.  She is definitely someone that people might envy this beautiful and tall. Well, Kendall is actually beyond that. 

Kendall is a brand of unwavering confidence. But everything is not as smooth as we expect things to be. Just like us, she has an interesting story to tell. 

“I remember last year, I was in a work show. I was very excited about it, like I’ve never been before.  I got on the carpet; I felt really good about myself. I love my dress and my hair and my make-up was so beautiful. Went through the night. Felt great…Then I remember going online and seeing all the horrible things that people were saying about me and my skin. I felt so good that I completely forgot that I have bad skin.”

Photo Courtesy of Flickr & Wikipedia

I realized that skin quality is the concern of everyone, from the most successful celebrities to ordinary workers in corners of the world. 

“Then I remember getting a couple of tweets. That became a lot of tweets -- of how proud people were of me. Some people coming through being nice to me, almost sympathetic. I was like -- wait, that’s actually kinda cool and it completely flipped my energy. But at the same time, I do want it [the acne] gone.”

Having her friends and fans supporting her, Kendall is not alone in her struggle against acne. So what’s Kendall’s secret in fighting acne? It’s Proactiv.

"If you have acne there’s a feeling that you’ll never get out. But definitely there’s a solution for you. For me, I can honestly say that the magic was Proactiv.”

Proactiv+ 3 Step Clear Skin System has Smart Target technology that delivers acne-fighting formulation directly into the pores.   The 3-step system starts with a Smoothing Exfoliator facial cleanser which removes excess dirt and other impurities. The second step is called the Pore Targeting Treatment. It stops the acne at the source because it delivers blemish-fighting ingredient directly into the pore. The final step of the Proactiv+ 3 Step Clear Skin System hydrates the skin with the Complexion Perfect Hydrator. 

Watch this!

“Every country has their own version of Proactiv.  The American formula worked for me. Check your Proactiv formula and your country.” Kendall adds.

It is actually important that Proactiv knows the difference between Asian and White skins, and all other skins based on race. I know a lot of friends who struggled because they used regimens formulated for other skins.

The Proactiv+ 3 Step Skin System with salicylic acid is available in the Philippines at Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide, or shop online at

PROMO: Get it at 20% off from October 10 to December 31, 2019 for a limited-time offer!

Why EarthOrigins Quezon City Serves Lechon

With its look from the outside, EarthOrigins Marketplace+Cafe may be another boutique shop for vegans and organic food lovers who campaign for veggies while casting meat off the table.

However at the launching of the new branch of EarthOrigins in Quezon City, it clearly presented itself as an inclusive marketplace for vegans and those who eat protein-rich meat as part of their keto diet.

Mr. Rman Lorenzo, the bubbly owner of EarthOrigins, scored that there is some sort of misconception about organic goods which should not be limited to fruits and vegetables only.

Surprisingly in this boutique - I love to call it that way for its intimate vibe, they serve chicken, pork and beef on top of the classic organic produces that we know. Yes, there is lechon and lechon kawali on the menu! And the more you dig into the ingredients of their dishes, the more you'll genuinely love this place.

A special item on the menu is lechon with thyme dip. The pig used for lechon are specifically raised in South Cotabato. Rman shared that down there in the rural Cotabato,  pigs eat husk which is the outer skin of rice grains. Before the pigs are turned into food, there is a two-week detoxifying period to make sure that the pigs are healthy when they become a blessing to the hungry mankind.
The first floor of the two-storey boutique is a grocery shop with an outdoor area for special promotional displays and an indoor area for frozen foods, shelves for both food and non-food items, space for demo pop up booths, comfort room, and cashier spot. 

On the second floor are additional shelves for more goodies and the cafe restaurant that could serve as a regular restaurant and an events place. It can accommodate up to 70 persons.

The vibe inside EarthOrigins is quite similar to that of Gaia, the restaurant in Sagada which was the shooting location for the movie "That Thing Called Tadhana". Both religiously offer organic goods. 

I have to applaud how EarthOrigins designed the interior of the branch. The minimal amount of green ornaments, classic windows, and wooden shelves complement each other to create a rustic indoor landscape.  It is prefect for the weekend or for weekday evenings when you  just want to detoxify from your stressful office life.  

One more thing, there is no form of bold statement around the place saying it is strictly for organic goods. Less is more, indeed. And this makes the place radiating a light, positive, and happy color. When I left the vicinity of this organic shop plus cafe, it is not the organic theme that was running in my thoughts but its care for a longer life for everyone reaching its doors.

For more information about EarthOrigins: 
Branch Facebook page:

EarthOrigins Marketplace+Cafe Quezon City 
72 Mother Igancia Street cor. Scout Reyes St.
Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City

Other Branches:

-Wilson Street, San Juan City
-ADB Cafeteria, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City 
-Westgate Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City


READ MORE FROM CAPTURING FOOTPRINTS: What's on the Menu at EarthOrigins Quezon City? In this special article, I will give a list of what I have discovered at the newly-opened branch. 

A Brew of Divinity at Club Mwah

Years ago, people were delightfully applauding him as he sprinkled the audience with the Cabaret magic of Liza Minnelli. But tonight, Cris Nicholas was rocking the stage as Tina Turner.

This live entertainment grandiosity only happens on Fridays and weekends at the Club Mwah Theatre along Boni Avenue, a jeepney ride away from the big malls of Mandaluyong City.  As I grabbed my third bottle of beer, Cris was done doing a lip sync performance of Proud Mary.

Using recordings from concerts, Cris walked into the stage in between performances by the his "Follies de Mwah", the ensemble of resident dancers of the theater. In fairness to him that night, he was a degree away from being the real Tina.

The Making of Sixteen Years 

Performing is just one side of Cris who directs, choreographs, and does everything to create a good show for anyone heading to Club Mwah. 

Together with Pocholo Malillin, who co-owns the theatre, Cris thanked everyone in that night. The most recognizable from the audience were Mikey Bustos and his boyfriend. 

I was actually speechless, trying to think of the word that best describes the show. Deep inside me, I was wondering about the amount of effort, time and passion Cris and Pocholo have invested in the theatre just keep things running for 16 years.

The dancers, who performed Burlesque, Dreamgirls, Chicago, and other Las Vegas and Broadway-signature shows, were simply impressive. The dancers did their job well -- the feathers were just decors. 

According to Cris, it took him time to teach his ensemble who were mostly transgenders.  However, two of the dancers who did male characters were actually- without a joke - straight men!

In screening his dancers, the skill is a secondary requirement. For him, attitude is more important.

“Masarap magturo sa (dancer na) willing matuto,” scored Nicolas. 

Together with the Follies de Mwah, Cris and Pocholo did a risky attempt of recreating the splendid elements of elite productions in America. And the 16 years of continuous showbiz existence tells us the risk was merely an opportunity. 

The Legacy of Glamorous Shows

Club Mwah was a product of Cris' travel to the US during his days helping Filipino entertainers achieve their dreams in Japan. Upon his return to the Philippines, he decided to develop the Vegas type of entertainment. 

In conceptualizing, Cris picks only the classic entertainment characters and shows. This is the exact reason why the wig of Tina Turner has a space at Club Mwah while Britney Spears may require more work from the real Britney. 

Talking about the secret why the show is a perfection, Cris stressed about the importance of property variation and sequencing. 

My favorite act that night was actually "Singkil" which is an original. I realized that some Filipino folk dances - when properly choreographed - could also be turned into grand Vegas-type show. 

While the dancers were glammed up and decorated with excessive ornaments, the cultural  and moral value of the Maranao folk dance was totally preserved. It is my wish that this original act would get a full show from Club Mwah.


Upcoming: A Comedy Bar
In the final quarter of 2019, Cris and Pocholo are launching a comedy bar behind the theatre that would offer two promises.

First, the audience will laugh without hurting someone's dignity or feelings. It will have comic acts that require no form of bullying of someone from the audience just to deliver a cheap punch line. 

Second, the audience will give tip if they wanted to. The new unpleasant bar culture of demanding tip from the audience is giving comedy bars a bad taste. 

Of course, the Follies de Mwah will also be performing in the comedy bar-- if they do not have out-of-town schedules.

Asked what characters would he love to play in the coming shows, Cris admitted he really loved to do Beyonce. In fact, he already bought a wig in Dubai in case he finds Ms. Carter his next alter ego.

We were actually thinking of everyone favorite, Barbra Streisand. But Cris believed it would be a challenge to put Barbra's nose on his face. 

Adding to the secret why Club Mwah has stood the test of time, Pocholo said Club Mwah only gives “clean fun”. It is true that while the most dancers were transgenders, there was no nudity, vulgar words, or anything that were done with art as an excuse. 

However, I thought of another secret- the grand chandeliers hanging in many corners of the theatre. When you go there, have a count. 

To book Follies de Mwah for corporate events and celebrations in any offsite venues, contact Club Mwah now: 


Note from the Blogger: Special thanks to publicist Robert Silverio, and bloggers Raul Barque and Harold Uy.
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