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JUNE 3 Tuesday: Video shoot of the upcoming AVP of Cavite Light Industrial Light in multiple locations around Silang, Cavite

JUNE 5 Thursday: Meeting inquiries with local governments of some towns in Cavite for our upcoming road signages and banners

WORK WEEKDAYS: At Cathay Land Sales Office at Galleria Corporate Center, Ortigas Center (beside Robinsons Galleria)

WORK WEEKENDS: At home in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig where I reside now or on a travel blogging gig for Capturing Footprints

What I Do

Listening to Sarah Brightman, sleeping 25 hours a day, watching Vice Ganda shows, drinking gin and brandy on the beach, eating singkamas and tinapa


Marketing Communications Officer at Cathay Land, the real estate developer of South Forbes, Acienda Designer Outlet, CLIP, Fullerton Suites, Mallorca Villas


Mass Communication and Certificate in Teaching (Licensed) at St. Louis University, University of Life Major in Adulting and UV Express Commuting


Call me at 0943.308.5100. Shoot an email to [email protected] PM me at Tweet to @christianaligo


New Media Services/ Rossking in Baguio as PR Comms Supervisor, Salarium in Makati as Mktg Supervisor, Duraville/Lancris in Paranaque as Mktg Supervisor


A dark-skinned, grace-less Igorot folk, who at times is asked whether or not bears Chinese blood, needs to smile to tell the world he's happy because of an angry resting face

Recent Stories

Yes, I Go to Baguio- La Trinidad Every Weekend

Hindi ka ba napapagod?

Of course, I get tired. Sitting inside a bus bound for Baguio on a Friday evening then taking another ride going back to Metro Manila on a Sunday evening is more than physically exhausting.

On a weekend basis, I spend 12 hours on the road. It may be stressful, but there is something more stressful than what I do.


Five years ago, my feet were so itchy to get out of the mountains. I was raised in Sagada, took my college education in Baguio, and worked for five years in same highlands that welcomed me to earth.

I pushed through with some leap of faith. First stop? Makati City. It failed after three months, then proceeded with more adventures.

I now I am currently employed with Cathay Land, the second real estate developer that got me. This is not easy to recollect. 

I am sure most are still not aware of my resignation from Duraville. They still think I am Mr. Lancris who had once a team composed of these crazy pips!

Anong ginagawa ko dito?

After five years of working here in the lowlands, something in me is questioning me- if my life had its benefit from that leap of faith.

Yes, I know it gave me much because I am now handling a bigger brand and doing so much of what I love to do in life-- obviously, I did want to do more that what Baguio City had to offer me as a Communications practitioner. 

I met hundreds and hundreds of people and tried many of my firsts here. But am I satisfied with my life here?

Basta. Malutong!

So ano nga ba Bes?

My biggest enemy is myself. I am coming to my senses, maybe to another sense that I never had before.

It must be maturity.

Baka nga. 

I get frustrated at times when I see that I am no use to my family and the other people that once loved me. 


I am now useless, I know. So getting connected with my old folks is something therapeutic to my broken soul.

But wait, I have to tell you another story. In my next blog post.

FREE: Reusable Eco, Paper and Katcha Bags at WeekenderX Tent from Blogger Friends

These are paper, eco and katcha bags of blogger and social media influencer Lariza Garcia, collected from tens and tens of blogging events that she has attended in the past months.
These could end up in the trash bin if no one buys them at her seasonal garage sale at her home in Pasig.

Since my early blogger days here in Metro Manila, Mommy Lariza has been helping out with everything. In fact when I moved to Pasig last year, she helped me buy a dining set.

So instead of seeing the bags dumped, I'm taking them to La Trinidad, Benguet to use as wrapper and giveaway in our small tent where we sell bags and other outdoor essentials on weekends.

Mommy Lariza is giving them to me all for FREE. I went to her house last Thursday evening to collect them.

The use of plastic is banned in Baguio and La Trinidad, and the collected eco, paper and katcha bags can be of great help to households there.

Are you from La Trinidad in need of an eco, paper or katcha bag for your day-to-day use? Please drop by our tent in KM5 on weekends to get one. 

Are you a blogger who has similar stuff bound for the trash bin? Please, please we need them:

1. I can go collect them at your house if time permits.
2. Let's meet within the Robinsons Galleria vicinity. I work there from Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm.
3. Let's meet within Cubao area. I live here on weekdays.
4. Leet’s meet in Silang. I have special work schedules at:
-Acienda Designer Outlet Mall  along Aguinaldo Highway near Tagaytay
-South Forbes Golf City  near the Nuvalia area
-Cavite Light Industrial Park & Mallorca Villas in Maguyam

What’s in it for you? I’ll bring some strawberry jam from La Trinidad. I know it's too small in exchange of your eco, paper and katcha bags, but please note there is a bigger picture behind it.

There were several times when Igorot folks drop by the tent to see if we have eco bags. They need one, and if we can provide them for free then everything would be happy.

I'm just lucky Mommy Lariza made this first step possible.
We set up the WeekenderX tent at the parking lot of Liliz Tile Center- Philippine Business Bank along KM5, La Trinidad Benguet. 

Like our page to see what we display on weekends HERE.

In Good COMPANY for 2019

Are you one of those who almost slipped off the chair while watching MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT at the Maybank Theater in BGC? There's something new to look forward to this September.

After the runaway success of last year’s show that was described by The Manila Bulletin as "cheerfully deranged", UPSTART returns with a brand new production of COMPANY, the well-loved Broadway classic that is currently making a splash in London’s West End.

A “landmark musical” (Time Magazine) about love, marriage, friendship, and loneliness, COMPANY is one of theater legend Stephen Sondheim’s most beloved works, along with shows like INTO THE WOODS, WEST SIDE STORY, and A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC.

 With its “unforgettable score” (The Boston Globe) and the “sparse, elegant wit” of its lyrics (The New York Time), every major production of COMPANY in Broadway and the West End has earned accolades— including multiple Tony and Olivier Awards— since the show’s debut in 1970.

Helmed by acclaimed actor/director Topper Fabregas (Gawad Buhay Best Director 2016, “Tribes”), Upstart’s version of COMPANY will feature theater veterans like Ojay Mariano (“Ang Huling El Bimbo”), Cathy Azanza-Dy (“Silent Sky”), Ariel Reonal (“Miss Saigon”), and Caisa Borromeo (“Silent Sky”), along with a host of hot up-and-comers from the theater and entertainment scene.

Fabregas was very particular about finding new, unexplored performers, and held open auditions for all the parts. He was not disappointed at the results: “We were blown away,” he enthuses. Producer Joel Trinidad, who is also part of the cast, concurs: “We said to so many people, ‘Why have we never seen you on stage before?!’”  

Offstage, Fabregas has assembled an impressive team to help him realize his unique vision for the show: Handling the music is TOYM Awardee and former Hong Kong Disneyland Musical Director Rony Fortich; handling the Production Design is New York-based Joey Mendoza, freelance set designer and faculty member at Fordham University Theater Program at Lincoln Center.

What can audiences expect from COMPANY? The San Francisco Examiner said it best: “There’s never been a franker, more sophisticated work written for the musical stage.”

COMPANY runs on all Fridays (9:00 pm), Saturdays (3:00 and 8:00 pm), and Sundays (3:00 and 8:00 pm) between September 13 and September 22 at the Globe Auditorium, Maybank Performing Arts Theater, BGC Arts Center, Taguig.

COMPANY is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI, 423 West 55th Street, New York, NY 10019. Tel.: (212) 541-4684 Fax: (212) 397-4684


Extensive Discussion: Skincare Tips from Proactiv‘s Dermatologist

Meet Dr. Laura Savage.

This dermatologist studied Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, where she also obtained an honours degree in pathology. For her training as a Dermatologist within the Yorkshire Deanery, she spent three-and-a-half years of research investigating the use of biological therapy in psoriatic disease culminating in the award of a PhD degree.

And the product of all her learning and discoveries about achieving a healthy skin? This blog post sums everything up so you do not have to go through all those thick reading materials and technical terms used in the field of dermatology.

Here are her tips.

Tip #1 - Cleanse gently and wisely

While deep cleansing sounds desirable to purify oily blemish-prone skin, over-washing and harsh cleansers can do more damage than good – by stripping away the protective barrier, skin is left dry and vulnerable to bacteria.

As growing, experimenting teens, we’ve all tried all those products that promise fast results, but we discover how harsh these on our skin in their own way of achieving the skincare condition they promise the fastest way.

At the end of the day, we realize there is no shortcut to achieving a healthy skin.

Avoid using soap too. I am guilty of this. The high pH of soap will dry the skin and cause a compensatory surge in oil production, leaving skin in a confused state with an undesirable combination of dry and greasy patches.

Whenever I travel to different places, I find myself using soap because that is the easiest to find. Well, patience is everything.

Choose a cleanser containing helpful anti-inflammatory ingredients such as salicylic acid to help soothe inflamed pimples, and gently massage over the entire face and neck for at least 60 seconds (to allow any active ingredients to take effect).

Avoid cleaners and toners containing harsh alcohol-based astringents and ingredients such as witch hazel, which typically cause a sting on application and make the skin appear red. Small flaking patches might indicate you’re over cleansing, so ease back and then gradually increase the frequency of use as your skin adjusts and gets used to the product.

Tip #2 - Make salicylic acid your star ingredient

Salicylic acid is one of the most effective breakout-fighting non-prescription ingredients and is a great choice of exfoliant for those with spot-prone and oily skin.

Salicylic acid targets pimples by sloughing away dead skin cells that clog pores and lead to breakouts, and also minimizes pore visibility.

I am not new with salicylic acid as this has been my older brother’s bestfriend when he was growing tons of pimples all over his body. Thus as young as I was, I was aware how miraculous salicylic acid is—I just hate its smell but the results is something to love.

Tip #3 - Moisturize!

A common misconception is that moisturizing is bad for oily skin prone to breakouts. It’s true that many creams and lotions contain ingredients that can block pores and make breakouts worse, so never put a product designed for your body near your face.

Look for products labelled 'non-comedogenic', which is a fancy way of saying they don’t contain ingredients that block pores and lead to the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. Thus it pays to talk to a professional sometimes—even at Watsons, I always rely on their expertise of their personnel when I have some specific concerns.

Hydrating the skin with an oil-free moisturizer will not only counteract the drying effect of many spot treatments, but also loosen the pore-blocking sebum (skin debris and grease) leading to clearer and healthier skin overall.

Tip #4 - Give it time and be optimistic.
Sometimes your skin can take a while to adjust to new products or active ingredients. Direct your attention away from the guide on the bottle and focus only on your skin.

If you experience signs of irritation or over-drying, try reducing the application to every other day (or even less often) for a couple of weeks before gradually increasing back to daily.

Remember that it can take 4-6 weeks for breakouts to diminish, so you need to persevere with a new product for at least this long (and ideally a bit longer) before really deciding whether it is doing the trick and clearing your skin.

In college when my pimples were my favorite companions, I always have that thought of using a product and getting things done overnight-- if only we were taught when we were younger that it takes time breakouts to reduce.

Tip #5 - Keep your hands off!

This is my favorite part of the list of tips as I may say this deals my biggest mistake when dealing with pimples.

As tempting and satisfying as it is, squeezing a pimple really is the worst thing you can do so keep your hands off!

Pressure on an inflamed pimple will push the contents of the grease gland (oil, bacteria and dead skin cells) into the surrounding healthy skin which causes damage and more inflammation. Squeezing can lead to a temporary darkening of the skin (so called ‘post-inflammatory pigmentation’) that can take weeks, even months to settle, and scarring, which can be permanent and difficult to treat – not cool.

If you really find it difficult to resist squeezing, instead try applying a warm compress (like a clean face cloth) to the pimple for 5 minutes to reduce any swelling and then apply a for example a salicylic acid-based product.

Tip #6 - Review your make up choices and clean your brushes.

It’s a fact that as breakouts worsen, the more make-up we use to try to conceal the problem. For pimple-prone skin, making the right cosmetic choices and regularly cleaning applicators are essential if future breakouts are to be prevented.

Mineral-based make up products are a good option as they contain ingredients such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and silica that mop up excess oil without blocking pores.

Also, switch to a concealer that contains a blemish-fighting ingredient such as salicylic acid to not only reduce the visibility of blemishes but also help reduce the size. And just as would be the case if you didn’t wash your face each day, make-up brushes accumulate a daily layer of pore-clogging product, dirt and bacteria – your skin’s worst enemy.

Aim to cleanse your brushes at least once a week using baby shampoo or a professional brush cleaner to keep them in tip top condition.

Tip #7 - Review your diet

When I read about this, I was reminded of a friend who told me that skincare is not just about the skin. Rather she said, a huge part of our diet goes to the quality of skin.

For many years, the jury was out as to whether there was a link between diet and breakouts – the hard evidence was simply lacking. But over the past decade, many dermatologists now agree that hormones in cow’s milk may stimulate oil production and promote breakouts.

Similarly, foods with a high glycemic index can cause a spike in blood sugars, causing a rise in hormone levels and sending grease glands into an oily overdrive.

Try reducing cow’s milk intake to just 1-2 servings per day (or choose an unsweetened alternative like almond milk), and cut out fatty foods high in omega-6 fatty acids and refined sugars (generally found in all the foods you know are bad for you!) – even if your skin doesn’t dramatically improve, your waistline will!

Tip #8 – Use a good skincare routine like Proactiv+!

Proactiv+ 3 Step Clear Skin System has Smart Target technology that delivers acne-fighting formulation directly into the pores. It is formulated to address blemishes help deliver PLUS benefits such as improved visible texture and clarity, brighten and smoothen skin, and diminish the look of dark marks.

The 3-step system starts with a Smoothing Exfoliator which removes excess dirt and other impurities. The exfoliator is applied on damp skin and rinsed with warm water after two minutes. The second step is called the Pore Targeting treatment.

It stops the acne at the source because it delivers blemish-fighting ingredient directly into the pore. The lotion is applied all over face to allow full absorption.

The final process of the Proactiv+ 3 Step Clear Skin System hydrates the skin with the Complexion Perfect Hydrator. The moisturizer will reduce redness, help lighten acne marks and help brighten skin. Try Proactiv+ today!
My favorite here is Tip #5. It is simple, and yet it can do much in saving the best condition of our skin. I think the concern today is that how should we tell the younger ones to keep their hands off even if their pimple is really itchy or irritating. I appreciate the suggestion on what to do if we really cannot resist touching and squeezing our pimple.  

Watch this video for more details:

I Have Decided to Move Out

DISCLAIMER: In the background is the neighboring condo community of Palmdale. I took this photo while standing in the balcony of my rented unit at Arezzo Place Pasig. 


It has been a year of warmth. And the time has come for me to decide whether or not I will renew my contract with my rented unit at Arezzo Place Pasig in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City.

The condo neighborhood was quiet and the air was much cleaner-- I could feel my lungs relaxing every time I hit its gate. But still, I decided I told myself I will no longer renew my contract.

For a year, I depended on the service of motorcycle taxis. I would use Angkas app or Facebook groups to book a ride. 

Traffic going to Arezzo is terrible due to road constructions. And the fastest solution, which is also the most risky, costs P300 a day. 

You may say that I can just commute to save on fare. Well, I have tried. 

To commute from Arezzo to Ortigas, I needed to ride a tricycle going to Pasig Palengke then a UV Express van going to Robinsons Galleria. To commute home, I had to stand in line for an hour or two to catch a UV Express Ride going to Pasig Palengke then a tricycle to Arezzo. 

I tried joining a carpool organized by a cool resident. The first carpool quit after two days while the second quit after two or three weeks due to irregular number of passengers and the heavy traffic along Sandoval Avenue just outside Arezzo.

I also tried Wunder twice. On my first ride, I was not dropped off at my supposed drop off point- Robinsons Galleria. And during my second ride, I was not dropped off at Arezzo because of the "traffic" issue in the area. Thus, I had to shell out additional amount (and time) to get to my actual destinations. 

To make it short, habal-habal and angkas were the best options for me.

Thus, I decided to move out. I decided to move out despite not having tried dipping at the community's pool.

Days before I moved out of Arezzo, traffic along Sandoval Avenue got even worse. The new mayor suspended the traffic regulation strategy that the former mayor implemented, and it left the road with more cars and a bigger mess. 

Constructions along Sandoval Avenue were still ongoing. No day had passed without seeing part of the road being destroyed for some renovation or construction. 

Arezzo’s location gave me the cleaner air I needed. But it also gave me much financial and physical stress that I could no longer bear.

So I made the decision to get ride of those two kinds of stress.

My move out process did not went well. The new admin had some trouble with my record, but these guys still managed to fix it. 

According to their record of the condominium, I lacked three months of rental payment. No way!

Unfortunately in the morning while I was packing up, I lost one of the keys I used to open the main door. But the staff members did not believe it was the key of the main door- they still asserted it was the balcony's.

Nevertheless, I was given the clearance to move out after hours of waiting. Thanks God the trucking service that helped me carry all my stuff to my brother's place in Caloocan was really reliable so this gave me much relief.

Moving on...I found the lost key sitting next to my underarm deodorant. I sent an email to the admin of Arezzo but I am yet to receive an email.

Moving on... here is my very interesting photo of my former home. I took this photo during the water shortage last summer. Remember?

Skincare Essentials: Proactiv Plus 3-Step Clear Skin System

If you are in the field of Sales, Marketing or Communications, whether front-end or back-end, you may have struggled maintaining how you look in front of people. That at some point, you question yourself in front of the mirror: is this my best?

Recently as I transformed from someone more engaged in Sales into a Marketing Communications bug, I realized everything starts with...... self-confidence—that can be literally enhanced by proper skincare. 

Yes, skincare is an essential part of building self-confidence. If you have that good regimen, you can sell all those condominiums or Jordan shoes, close all the corporate deals you’re brewing, and get those designs approved by your terrific boss.

Skincare in the Philippines

We are part of a busy industry, having a colorful lifestyle and work routine that may not sit well with our skin. For almost five years, I have been running to multiple locations around the Philippines, abroad and anywhere under the heat of the sun, and I sometimes forget my skincare kit when on the road.

Good thing Proactiv+ has been developed by dermatology doctors in America with its blemish-fighting ingredients and exclusive Smart Target technology. It has two main components behind its effectiveness: Salicylic Acid that helps unclog pores and Glycolic Acid that helps make the skin more radiant.

These two ingredients both work in getting rid of dead skin cells. What I like about Proctiv+ is that it applies to all skin type- as you know I have a very sensitive skin. 

Why Get a Proactiv+ Kit Now

The Proactiv+ Kit includes a skin smoothing exfoliator, pore targeting treatment, and complexion perfecting hydrator.

Yes it’s a kit, and we have to understand that skincare does not just deal with one bottle to get the best results. I know we go impatient most especially if we do not have the luxury of time due to high workload, but believe me time is a also a good investment.

Here’s what the Proactiv+ Kit can do for us:
-Helps to clear blemishes and prevent future breakouts
-Hydrate and soften skin
-Improve visible texture and clarity
-Helps reduce visible pore size
-Control and balance oily skin
-Helps reduce the appearance of rednes
-Brighten and smooth skin
-Helps enhance overall skin radiance
-Helps diminish look of dark marks and wrinkles

Step 1: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator

The first in the kit is the skin smoothing exfoliator. Its main role is to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil and other pore clogging impurities.

Here’s how to use it:
-Apply a coin-size amount to dampened skin. Whenever I am doing this, I play Celtic music to have a serene, relaxing background and to help slow down time for me
-Using fingertips, gently massage in circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes, avoiding the eye area. It would be lovely to stand in front of the mirror talking to yourself while doing it.
-Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Thus before starting this ritual, it would be practical to start heating water.

Here’s what I 've noticed about the exfoliator:
-The beads are gentle. I think this makes Proactic+ different from other options on the market. The beads works perfectly for my sensitive skin as any pressure applied on my skin can literally leave a mark.
-While I do not like product’s vinegar smell, the exfoliator does not have that itchy or irritating effect on me. This is one important thing that I always look into, to ensure that skincare is  not bloody painful.
-It really work. It leaves the skin much cleaner. Better yet, go and discover it yourself. 

Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment Step two is our Pore Targeting Treatment

After the first bottle, time for the second one. The secret to this amazing product is how it gets to work deep in the pores to break down dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. 

As well as clearing the pores, this Pore Targeting Treatment also helps to tone and tighten the pores, which all help to improve the texture of the skin. 

If your skin is irritated and sore, it helps to soothe that irritation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 3: Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 

Once our Pore Targeting Treatment is fully absorbed, it's time for step three. Our Complexion Perfecting Hydrator does what it says on the tin and much more. 

It starts by hydrating your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, supple and even-textured. It then helps to reduce the appearance of redness, blemish marks and any imbalance of dryness and excess oil. It works to help reduce the appearance of breakouts and helps prevent blemishes from reappearing.

Get Your Kit Now

You have two options:

1. Proactiv+ 30 day kit at SRP Php3,250
-Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 60ml
-Pore Targeting Treatment 30ml
-Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 30ml

2. Proactiv+ 60 day kit at SRP Php4,680
-Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 120ml
-Pore Targeting Treatment 60ml
-Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 60ml

Go to your nearest Watsons branch to get your kit now and  build that oozy self-confidence in your mind that will bring you closer to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

To Every Gay Man's Father: Thank You for Being Our Backbone!

Ket-eng is his Igorot name.

A laborer from Bauko in the western side of Mountain Province, Ket-eng never reached college. He was one of the Igorot men who spent their younger days in Cainta working in construction sites riprapping walls.

Most folks in the Igorot village would find my father’s name familiar as they know very clearly. In Cainta, Ket-eng would meet his other half who hails from Sagada.

Before I started schooling, he was surviving my mother and his four children as a logger. He would sleep in the far mountains with little information about his young family.

But every time I was rushed in the hospital for severe fever, he would reach Sagada before the night time falls. He would attend to me, making sure there were enough hot water for my meals.

My father would leave in the morning while my mother would arrive to check on me. When I was hospitalized in Besao for a month, it was impossible for him to be with me every night so he skipped some nights.

Ket-eng was some mysterious man, aside from the fact that he was my father. Every person who has the same accent with him was introduced to us as his sibling.

In college when I got to know a cousin whose mother is my father’s sibling, I was able to figure out his family tree.

After quitting his logging activities, Ket-eng became a jeepney driver. I was aware that he did not go to college.

Unlike many, he never experienced working in the corporate world or even set foot abroad for leisure or work. But that is just one angle of him.

Ket-eng understood one complicated reality that even the most educated father could not digest.

How come he never confronted one of his sons despite the world seeing his son as a sinful, dirty, less human because he was different?

All that this uneducated man saw was a beautiful and brilliant person carrying his surname.
If carrying his surname was a curse to him, I would be the happiest to drop it anyway. But he believed otherwise. He was happy.

Ket-eng passed away years ago knowing I was strong enough to be on my own against the crowd.

Happy Father's Day to all dads who endured the pain of having a gay son but never gave up their love for their fragile princesses!

Happy Anniversary to the Life I Chose

It is my sixth year into my transfer here to Metro Manila. And it's a move I will never ever regret.

One of the main benefits of being away from your family and other loved ones is the high level of privacy you get. As a non-perfect human being, I am yet to master the skill of having no care at all to what people say about my Tagalog-looking shorts, my ambitious ambitions, and all the other things I want to do in life.

However, what I really like about staying in Metro Manila is the wide range of professional activities I can do. I do a lot of things that I learned in school.

Back in Baguio, I must admit opportunities are aplenty but not the cup of tea for my kind as a Communications graduate.

I went down to Metro Manila with no work to welcome me. It was literally a leap of faith, which I told myself the other night to do again if necessary.

My life in Baguio was undeniably lovely- I had a good work at New Media Services/ Rossking. I organized monthly parties in the name of work and wrote dozens and dozens of press releases and marketing articles.

When I left the Australian company, I was asked why I wanted to leave. And it was a simple answer that I gave- I just want to explore the world beyond Baguio.

My parents did not know about my unexpected move because I never announced my resignation publicly nor talked to them about it. By that time my mom and dad knew I left Baguio, I was already working in Makati.

My dad called me to confirm I was working in the part of the country that had the highest cost of living. I knew he was mad.

Three months after working with Salarium, I had to decide again. I was not a good fit with the startup, but I knew I had to pay the price of leaving again with no company to go to next.

I am also a teacher, a licensed one. But I know from my heart, teaching was not part of my plan for my current chapter so I had to do some leap of faith again.

Again, no one knew about my decision to leave Salarium except for some people who I knew would help me if I raise my flag for some rescue. I was just blessed that life was still beating for me- although I think I do not deserve some part of it.

Joining Duraville Group of Companies was one of the best decisions I have done so far. Aside from testing the extremities of my skills and personality, I have proven myself that I am born good, innocent and content.

Working for the condominium project of Duraville gave me dozens of friends who are both "users" and "cool". There were many instances when I had to remind myself that I need not be the Mr. Popular because many trashy people go near you because they need something from you-- but I was also like that.

After weeks of dialogue with my boss at Duraville, we finally agreed to part ways so I could move on to another company. But he compared my resignation to a good divorce.

In all the workplaces I have gone to, I never left with a bad record. And until now, I am generally okay with my former colleagues.

Last year, I joined Cathay Land as Marketing Communications Officer. This workplace culture is totally new to me as going out from work at 7:05 is unusual as everyone on the 9AM-7PM shift religiously cuts off at exactly 7. Back in Duraville where I was supposed to be out by 5PM, I leave the office at around 10 and people take that as a normal thing.

Here's the masterplan of the South Forbes Golf City, the major township of Cathay Land. If you can't find me in our Galleria office, I might be somewhere in the golf city.

Today is a holiday so I had a day rest, lying down and sleeping as if there was no tomorrow. In my previous company, we still go to work during holidays. Can you now feel the difference?

The other day, we had a video shoot in four locations in Silang, Cavite for our upcoming AVP for our industrial park project. It was a busy day, but everything went smoothly as the whole Marketing Team was there to assist the production house working on the gig.

Many things have changed as I entered this new chapter in my life. For many months, all I wanted was to sleep. Sleep was my main motivation- oh if you're a psychologist, please email me lol.

I am still lucky to be alive and kicking. I know I am a useless part of my family, but not depending on my fam is the best contribution that I could make. Maybe now is not yet the time for their Return on Investment.

Anyway, here's a photo of the river heading to Laguna Lake. This is a 20-minute walk from my home. Can you see the moon and a star?

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