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Christian Lizardo Aligo - Expressing my meaty, sexy and crazy thoughts that will strike hard against your harder balls! Let's talk about Sagada and the Igorot-landia, my journey to the PR and real estate industries, national and international political controversies, and other stuff that cross my mind. Email me at [email protected] to connect with my hairless bangs.


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By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
CONTACTS ITOGON, BENGUET You may want to contact a dear friend who is from Ucab, Itogon Benguet, Ms. Loida Padong at 0909....

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Early this month, I started Sagada Roast. And I think it is doing pretty well. I see Sagada Roast as a supplier of coffee and othe...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
I have a new venture which I hope I get support from all of you guys. I just launched my attempt to test the waters here in Metro Manila...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
That is Sagada at this point in time. Look at the trees, the houses, the wires. This is at this moment. And we're tha...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Four weeks ago, I found myself wandering around Westborough Town Center in South Forbes for my new assignment. I could feel the vibranc...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Twelve is a magic word for historians, because it is the date when the country’s independence was achieved.  It is also the date when...

By: Christian Lizardo Aligo
Early this morning, I received a text message from a relative from Sagada informing me that she has already remitted the cash handed by...



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