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JUNE 3 Tuesday: Video shoot of the upcoming AVP of Cavite Light Industrial Light in multiple locations around Silang, Cavite

JUNE 5 Thursday: Meeting inquiries with local governments of some towns in Cavite for our upcoming road signages and banners

WORK WEEKDAYS: At Cathay Land Sales Office at Galleria Corporate Center, Ortigas Center (beside Robinsons Galleria)

WORK WEEKENDS: At home in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig where I reside now or on a travel blogging gig for Capturing Footprints

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Listening to Sarah Brightman, sleeping 25 hours a day, watching Vice Ganda shows, drinking gin and brandy on the beach, eating singkamas and tinapa


Marketing Communications Officer at Cathay Land, the real estate developer of South Forbes, Acienda Designer Outlet, CLIP, Fullerton Suites, Mallorca Villas


Mass Communication and Certificate in Teaching (Licensed) at St. Louis University, University of Life Major in Adulting and UV Express Commuting


Call me at 0943.308.5100. Shoot an email to [email protected] PM me at Tweet to @christianaligo


New Media Services/ Rossking in Baguio as PR Comms Supervisor, Salarium in Makati as Mktg Supervisor, Duraville/Lancris in Paranaque as Mktg Supervisor


A dark-skinned, grace-less Igorot folk, who at times is asked whether or not bears Chinese blood, needs to smile to tell the world he's happy because of an angry resting face

Recent Stories

Skincare Essentials: Proactiv Plus 3-Step Clear Skin System

If you are in the field of Sales, Marketing or Communications, whether front-end or back-end, you may have struggled maintaining how you look in front of people. That at some point, you question yourself in front of the mirror: is this my best?

Recently as I transformed from someone more engaged in Sales into a Marketing Communications bug, I realized everything starts with...... self-confidence—that can be literally enhanced by proper skincare. 

Yes, skincare is an essential part of building self-confidence. If you have that good regimen, you can sell all those condominiums or Jordan shoes, close all the corporate deals you’re brewing, and get those designs approved by your terrific boss.

Skincare in the Philippines

We are part of a busy industry, having a colorful lifestyle and work routine that may not sit well with our skin. For almost five years, I have been running to multiple locations around the Philippines, abroad and anywhere under the heat of the sun, and I sometimes forget my skincare kit when on the road.

Good thing Proactiv+ has been developed by dermatology doctors in America with its blemish-fighting ingredients and exclusive Smart Target technology. It has two main components behind its effectiveness: Salicylic Acid that helps unclog pores and Glycolic Acid that helps make the skin more radiant.

These two ingredients both work in getting rid of dead skin cells. What I like about Proctiv+ is that it applies to all skin type- as you know I have a very sensitive skin. 

Why Get a Proactiv+ Kit Now

The Proactiv+ Kit includes a skin smoothing exfoliator, pore targeting treatment, and complexion perfecting hydrator.

Yes it’s a kit, and we have to understand that skincare does not just deal with one bottle to get the best results. I know we go impatient most especially if we do not have the luxury of time due to high workload, but believe me time is a also a good investment.

Here’s what the Proactiv+ Kit can do for us:
-Helps to clear blemishes and prevent future breakouts
-Hydrate and soften skin
-Improve visible texture and clarity
-Helps reduce visible pore size
-Control and balance oily skin
-Helps reduce the appearance of rednes
-Brighten and smooth skin
-Helps enhance overall skin radiance
-Helps diminish look of dark marks and wrinkles

Step 1: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator

The first in the kit is the skin smoothing exfoliator. Its main role is to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil and other pore clogging impurities.

Here’s how to use it:
-Apply a coin-size amount to dampened skin. Whenever I am doing this, I play Celtic music to have a serene, relaxing background and to help slow down time for me
-Using fingertips, gently massage in circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes, avoiding the eye area. It would be lovely to stand in front of the mirror talking to yourself while doing it.
-Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Thus before starting this ritual, it would be practical to start heating water.

Here’s what I 've noticed about the exfoliator:
-The beads are gentle. I think this makes Proactic+ different from other options on the market. The beads works perfectly for my sensitive skin as any pressure applied on my skin can literally leave a mark.
-While I do not like product’s vinegar smell, the exfoliator does not have that itchy or irritating effect on me. This is one important thing that I always look into, to ensure that skincare is  not bloody painful.
-It really work. It leaves the skin much cleaner. Better yet, go and discover it yourself. 

Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment Step two is our Pore Targeting Treatment

After the first bottle, time for the second one. The secret to this amazing product is how it gets to work deep in the pores to break down dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. 

As well as clearing the pores, this Pore Targeting Treatment also helps to tone and tighten the pores, which all help to improve the texture of the skin. 

If your skin is irritated and sore, it helps to soothe that irritation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 3: Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 

Once our Pore Targeting Treatment is fully absorbed, it's time for step three. Our Complexion Perfecting Hydrator does what it says on the tin and much more. 

It starts by hydrating your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, supple and even-textured. It then helps to reduce the appearance of redness, blemish marks and any imbalance of dryness and excess oil. It works to help reduce the appearance of breakouts and helps prevent blemishes from reappearing.

Get Your Kit Now

You have two options:

1. Proactiv+ 30 day kit at SRP Php3,250
-Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 60ml
-Pore Targeting Treatment 30ml
-Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 30ml

2. Proactiv+ 60 day kit at SRP Php4,680
-Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 120ml
-Pore Targeting Treatment 60ml
-Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 60ml

Go to your nearest Watsons branch to get your kit now and  build that oozy self-confidence in your mind that will bring you closer to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

To Every Gay Man's Father: Thank You for Being Our Backbone!

Ket-eng is his Igorot name.

A laborer from Bauko in the western side of Mountain Province, Ket-eng never reached college. He was one of the Igorot men who spent their younger days in Cainta working in construction sites riprapping walls.

Most folks in the Igorot village would find my father’s name familiar as they know very clearly. In Cainta, Ket-eng would meet his other half who hails from Sagada.

Before I started schooling, he was surviving my mother and his four children as a logger. He would sleep in the far mountains with little information about his young family.

But every time I was rushed in the hospital for severe fever, he would reach Sagada before the night time falls. He would attend to me, making sure there were enough hot water for my meals.

My father would leave in the morning while my mother would arrive to check on me. When I was hospitalized in Besao for a month, it was impossible for him to be with me every night so he skipped some nights.

Ket-eng was some mysterious man, aside from the fact that he was my father. Every person who has the same accent with him was introduced to us as his sibling.

In college when I got to know a cousin whose mother is my father’s sibling, I was able to figure out his family tree.

After quitting his logging activities, Ket-eng became a jeepney driver. I was aware that he did not go to college.

Unlike many, he never experienced working in the corporate world or even set foot abroad for leisure or work. But that is just one angle of him.

Ket-eng understood one complicated reality that even the most educated father could not digest.

How come he never confronted one of his sons despite the world seeing his son as a sinful, dirty, less human because he was different?

All that this uneducated man saw was a beautiful and brilliant person carrying his surname.
If carrying his surname was a curse to him, I would be the happiest to drop it anyway. But he believed otherwise. He was happy.

Ket-eng passed away years ago knowing I was strong enough to be on my own against the crowd.

Happy Father's Day to all dads who endured the pain of having a gay son but never gave up their love for their fragile princesses!

Happy Anniversary to the Life I Chose

It is my sixth year into my transfer here to Metro Manila. And it's a move I will never ever regret.

One of the main benefits of being away from your family and other loved ones is the high level of privacy you get. As a non-perfect human being, I am yet to master the skill of having no care at all to what people say about my Tagalog-looking shorts, my ambitious ambitions, and all the other things I want to do in life.

However, what I really like about staying in Metro Manila is the wide range of professional activities I can do. I do a lot of things that I learned in school.

Back in Baguio, I must admit opportunities are aplenty but not the cup of tea for my kind as a Communications graduate.

I went down to Metro Manila with no work to welcome me. It was literally a leap of faith, which I told myself the other night to do again if necessary.

My life in Baguio was undeniably lovely- I had a good work at New Media Services/ Rossking. I organized monthly parties in the name of work and wrote dozens and dozens of press releases and marketing articles.

When I left the Australian company, I was asked why I wanted to leave. And it was a simple answer that I gave- I just want to explore the world beyond Baguio.

My parents did not know about my unexpected move because I never announced my resignation publicly nor talked to them about it. By that time my mom and dad knew I left Baguio, I was already working in Makati.

My dad called me to confirm I was working in the part of the country that had the highest cost of living. I knew he was mad.

Three months after working with Salarium, I had to decide again. I was not a good fit with the startup, but I knew I had to pay the price of leaving again with no company to go to next.

I am also a teacher, a licensed one. But I know from my heart, teaching was not part of my plan for my current chapter so I had to do some leap of faith again.

Again, no one knew about my decision to leave Salarium except for some people who I knew would help me if I raise my flag for some rescue. I was just blessed that life was still beating for me- although I think I do not deserve some part of it.

Joining Duraville Group of Companies was one of the best decisions I have done so far. Aside from testing the extremities of my skills and personality, I have proven myself that I am born good, innocent and content.

Working for the condominium project of Duraville gave me dozens of friends who are both "users" and "cool". There were many instances when I had to remind myself that I need not be the Mr. Popular because many trashy people go near you because they need something from you-- but I was also like that.

After weeks of dialogue with my boss at Duraville, we finally agreed to part ways so I could move on to another company. But he compared my resignation to a good divorce.

In all the workplaces I have gone to, I never left with a bad record. And until now, I am generally okay with my former colleagues.

Last year, I joined Cathay Land as Marketing Communications Officer. This workplace culture is totally new to me as going out from work at 7:05 is unusual as everyone on the 9AM-7PM shift religiously cuts off at exactly 7. Back in Duraville where I was supposed to be out by 5PM, I leave the office at around 10 and people take that as a normal thing.

Here's the masterplan of the South Forbes Golf City, the major township of Cathay Land. If you can't find me in our Galleria office, I might be somewhere in the golf city.

Today is a holiday so I had a day rest, lying down and sleeping as if there was no tomorrow. In my previous company, we still go to work during holidays. Can you now feel the difference?

The other day, we had a video shoot in four locations in Silang, Cavite for our upcoming AVP for our industrial park project. It was a busy day, but everything went smoothly as the whole Marketing Team was there to assist the production house working on the gig.

Many things have changed as I entered this new chapter in my life. For many months, all I wanted was to sleep. Sleep was my main motivation- oh if you're a psychologist, please email me lol.

I am still lucky to be alive and kicking. I know I am a useless part of my family, but not depending on my fam is the best contribution that I could make. Maybe now is not yet the time for their Return on Investment.

Anyway, here's a photo of the river heading to Laguna Lake. This is a 20-minute walk from my home. Can you see the moon and a star?

This School for Mangyans Needs You Before Classes Start

Hobbyists regularly climbing Occidental Mindoro's Mt. Calavite for a close encounter with endangered tamaraws may be familiar with a school at the foot of the mountain.

The small Lamont Adventist Elementary School serves as the community midpoint for Mangyan settlers in this area. As a sectarian institution, the school has its own church where the Mangyans attend their religious duties on Saturdays. 

The school is surrounded with acres of woodlands, vegetated with varieties of cashew, mangoes, and tropical wild flowers. A long walk from the school leads to a waterfall, a popular destination among locals.

A tradition to the Paglicawan family during Holy Week, their lad Richard spearheads gift-giving visits to Mangyan communities around Mindoro. Richard, who grew up on the island, is based in Metro Manila running prominent blogs including Mangyan Blogger, DailyPedia, and LionHearTV.

For the first time, Richard chose the community prospered by the Adventist school. It was also my first time to join him in this advocacy.

From the town capital of Paluan, it takes about half an hour to reach the school through a  rocky countryside road that diverges from a more developed thoroughfare. We  traversed farm lands that are terribly dry due to summer drought.

The tricycle I was riding got to the school first and after long minutes of waiting for our companions, we were told of the alarming news- the tricycle aboard the Paglicawans turned upside down after a failed attempt to scale through the sloppy road up the foot of Mt. Calavite. Luckily, they were fine as they reached us in the school resting under a huge tree.

Teacher Michelle, a Mangyan from the Iraya sub-tribe, shared that every kid pays a tuition of P240 per month. The collected money, with additional financial assistance from the local government of Paluan, helps pay the salary of teachers who handle pre-learning and elementary grades.

When asked to stand in line, the kids cheerfully categorized themselves while their parents watched at the back. There were more than 34 kids in daycare and kindergarten, 13 in first grade, 9 in second grade, 6 in third grade, 7 in fourth grade, 8 in fifth grade, and 13 in sixth grade.

A small talk with the teachers further revealed that the more than 100 kids are being handled by only three teachers, particularly multi-grade teachers, on shifting schedules.

Without the Adventist school in the area, kids who still want to pursue their studies would walk to another school located afar or help their parents plant crops for the family instead. The descending count of graders says it all- not all the kids who started schooling finish elementary.

We learned that in 2018, there were only two groups that conducted an outreach mission there while we were the first to arrive this year. In her speech, Richard's mother promised that the visit will be made regular.

Some of the kids could read the label of a popular soda drink. And the sweetest is that they all know how to say, “maraming salamat po” when handed with their bag of goodies loaded with piece of clean shirt, noodles, shampoo, bath soap, paper, and other essentials.

Most of those on the queue for day care, kinder, and grade 1 had runny nose. These little ones were given multi-vitamins and anti-cough medicine that could last for a month or two.

Before the outreach activity ended, boxes of clothes, books, and medicines were turned over to the teachers for latter distribution.

As we left the community, Richard told us what to prepare for- the next visit would be in June before classes start.

As the  tamaraws of Mt. Calavite attract mountaineers, adventurers, campers, and other hobbyists finding their way to the apex of the mountain for leisure, it is with great hope that this Mangyan school will also be part of the journey to the wildlife sanctuary.


1. Any kind of footwear- Most came barefoot. Only a few wore slippers that were super overused. Can anyone approach Korina Sanchez on this? Kidding.

2. Children medicine for cough and vitamin deficiency-  Some parents approached us if we could give them more "Ascorbic", while others pleaded to get some cough meds for their newborn. 

3. Children’s clothes: They badly need clean clothes. I noticed that most of the donations are for also adults.

4. Non-pork based food: Please note that they are Adventists, so they do not eat hotdog and foods with pork ingredient. Noodles and sardines are their favorites. 

5. Books and notebooks: Let's build a library for the kids. 

6. Financial assistance for the three teachers: They are doing heroic deeds. Let's support them.



All of the donations that we distributed to about 150 recipients were from the Paglicawans, Dailypedia staff, and Richard's friends from the blogging hemisphere and PR clients. 

Connect with Richard on Facebook HERE. 

To know more about the cause, you may also coordinate with LARIZA GARCIA and DHANNA DUMLAO, two of our lovely companions during the outreach activity.

Magic Mike: An SPD Reunion for a Cause

UPDATE: Mike passed away yesterday, first of June. May he rest in peace.


For almost four years with Lancris, one of my tasks was to spearhead the Special Division Partnership (SPD), a collaboration between Duraville and its partner brokers to provide Lancris with an exclusive marketing salesforce.

One member of the SPD was Michael Tumagan. Mike joined SPD in 2016 as a Property Consultant (PC) under Noni Mendez’s Team, a group of Rich Realty.

After remitting sales, Mike decided to go back to selling shoes and that was the last time I heard about him. Until later this week when Mekz Abellera, his colleague at Team Noni, approached me about a sad news about him.

In his Facebook posts, Mike revealed that he was diagnosed with colon cancer and that he was given only six months to live.

During Mike’s stay with SPD, we were more than 50 sales members. So when I was creating the group chat, it was a challenge for me to remember all those people who were part of that wave.

To generate donations for him, we’re staging a mini-reunion on March 29, 2019 at five in the evening. I am glad about 10 have already committed to attend.

In difficult times like this, we will not put our issues against each other in front. I am aware many people are not happy to see each other again, but this is not a good time for the ego or pride. 

For those who wish to donate, please use these accounts:

BDO Savings Account
Michael Tumagan

GCash Account

If you want to check out Mike’s account, click HERE.

See you all!

Philippines' Most Recommended Travel Bloggers 2019

When you collaborate with blogs to promote your town, hotel, resort, restaurant, bar or any travel- related brand, it pays to know the blogger behind the site.

For this list, I considered these factors to identify whether or not a blog should be recommended for a partnership with you:

Criteria 1: The blog has its own domain. This means that the blogger behind has invested money to maintain the technical aspect the website.

Criteria 2: I have worked personally worked with the blogger on my own blogging and social media campaigns in the past may it be in Baguio, Metro Manila or Davao.

Criteria 3: I have worked with the blogger in other PRs' events more than once or in a single campaign but should have lasted for more than a couple of days. 

Criteria 4: The blog has well-written and unique content, not just bombarded with press releases and stories that are not connected to its niche. 

Criteria 5: The person behind the blog is easy to work with. I believe attitude and professionalism come in tandem. While there are many other blogs that boast high social media following and Domain Authority (DA), those figures still cannot replace the big A and P.

Here is my list of eight travel bloggers that I want to recommend for your next campaign.


#1: The Jerny- Travel and Inspirations

I first worked with Jerny Destacamento at our special tour of the different towns of Camarines Norte. He was one of the quiet guys -- maybe because he was not in the company of his other half that time (yeah, go through his blog and get the date when she said YES to him). Quiet in person. But his online presence is extraordinarily loud and applaudable.

#2: Travel with Maria

The blogger running this blog is Maria Rona Beltran, a Metro Manila-based Bicolana beauty. She also appeared on ABS-CBN’s Kabuhayang Swak na Swak and Good Housekeeping magazine. But take it easy, she is the only person who does not know yet that she is a celebrity. Blame her humility.

#3: Charlotte Anne

Charlotte Anne Peralta literally chases “dreams behind the glasses one place at a time.” The blogger goes anywhere from her Baguio City residence to get to the heart of a travel experience. She does not mind spending long hours on the bus or an amount just to reach a place outside her comfort zone in the mountains. First- hand experience matters to her.

#4: iKen

Interestingly, Kenneth Surat, the blogger behind iKen, produces hand-made journals that utilizes genuine leather materials. In fact, I own one “Surat” journal that contains a list of everything that I wanted in life (the list needs some updating). Kenneth was my roommate when we covered the Baragatan Festival in Puerto Princesa. The next thing I knew was I was becam a fanboy, going through his blogs to read about his travels in European countries. I repeat-- European countries.

#5: The Filipino Rambler

The Filipino Rambler is one of the most active blogs that survived eras. It was founded in the Jurassic period but stayed floating until modern civilization found it. Kidding aside, Allan Gokongwei, the blogger behind the seasoned blog,  puts extra effort when publishing a blog post. He turns simple photos into posters by adding fascinating graphics, making his blog a creative masterpiece. And oh, did I just say that his blog is divine?

#6: Katooga

Mike Zuniga, the head of SEC-registered Katooga, is surprisingly liberal, far from his masculine figure. I first met him when I joined his Camarines Norte tour wherein everything went not as smooth as we have expected due to unfavorable weather. But as the event’s organizer, he stood to fix everything with other key persons in the campaign, turning the developing disaster into a memorable getaway.

#7: Visit Manila

Visit Manila explores the metropolitan area to discover interesting spots, from the busy streets of Mandaluyong to the peaceful villages of Paranaque. It also has a special partition for stories about places outside Metro Manila like Batanes. Pia Bernaldo, the blogger running Visit Manila, is a practicing digital marketer. She knows what bits of information to feed her readers. And she writes them well. 

 #8: Travel with Karla

Travel with Karla shows the journey of an English teacher from the Philippines who has gone beyond the horizon to satisfy her Korean cravings. One of the most notable posts that can be found on her blog  enlists reasons why a Korean visa application is denied. If you are a K-Drama addict, she can be your best friend. 

Watch out for the next list of recommended "universal blogs". Universal Blogs generally covers everything and anything under the sun. For questions, please email me at [email protected]

Recommended Travel Blog #8: Travel with Karla

Most Recommended Travel Blog to Collab With in 2019
#8: Travel with Karla
Website Link:
Travel with Karla shows the journey of an English teacher from the Philippines who has gone beyond the horizon to satisfy her Korean cravings- K-Drama, K- Pop, and anything that starts with K.

The English teacher is Karla Obispo. I met her recently at an event in Tagaytay. One of the notable posts that can be found on her blog deals with the reasons why a Korean visa application gets denied.

Karla once worked in South Korea, and she has gone to different film locations of famous Korean drama series. And everyone followed her, making a historic turn in her blogging career. 

Karla is now spearheading efforts to organize bloggers from the Cavite- Laguna- Batangas area or collectively The South, aside from serving more exclusive stories about South Korea, an addiction that almost all Filipinos are guilty of.

 Note: All photos are screenshots from the actual website of the recommended blog.

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