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A believer that we can create highly engaging social media contents without using Photoshop, I utilize practical techniques in online marketing development, blogger press relations, social media management, and digital marketing training. I am currently with a real estate company in Ortigas Center.

On this personal blog, I write a wide range of topics from political insights to lifestyle scoops to helpful business tools. Email me at [email protected] to share my second cup of coffee.

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Recent Stories

Why I Decided to Rent at Arezzo Place Pasig

When I finally left the bounds of Duraville Group of Companies for Cathay Land, Inc., I found myself desperately looking for a new home.

As a probinsiyano in the metro, I packed all my things and hailed a LalaMove to bring me to a boarding room in Mandaluyong. The room was okay but it had shared a bathroom with other renters in the house.

One day my cousin who was supposed to live with me informed me that she already talked to her friend who has a friend who has offered her unit in Arezzo PlacePasig. That weekend, I found myself signing a one-year contract and issuing checks so that I could relocate a few hours after. (Photo Sources:,

From my balcony:

Here’s the only reason why- the quality of air in the balcony of the unit at Arezzo Place Pasig is clean. It is comparable to that in Tagaytay, Baguio and Sagada.

I have allergic rhinitis. And staying away from dusty world is my number one priority.
I enjoy standing at the balcony and yes, I can stay for hours there just staring at the neighborhood and breathing in and out some cold air blowing from the trees of Pasig and Rizal.

I fell in love with the humble community because of its air. I wish the surrounding factories that regularly release smoke will not affect the air in the community.

It is also a place in the city that does not appear like a place in the city. It is very silent here, except for the noise of the airplanes going down to land or up the air away from the airport.

During weekends, Arezzo Place Pasig hosts a Catholic mass at its own Clubhouse. Across is another mass from the neighboring Palmdale Heights.

In the morning, I love hearing the giggle of kids as they wait for their school service.

I leave at six or seven in the morning and come back at nine or ten. And every time I arrive at the gate, I close my eyes  to thank God that he has led me to this place.

3 Millennial Lifestyle Aspects You Should Review

Millennial lifestyle comes with high colors. But it also comes with a good price.

The elders in my hometown Sagada always tell me I must be receiving a high amount of salary because they see me on Facebook traveling to different places and living a seemingly luxurious life eating in restaurants, going to the casino, and even wearing blazers. It gives me a hard time explaining to them that that lifestyle is just an average millennial's way of beating the breeze just like how they spend their time on charities and voluntary works.

I have to admit that living the millennial lifestyle could be really expensive (but it should not be). And there are things in this lifestyle that need to be reviewed because these could potentially waste money.

1. Using two to three screens in one time

It is not friendly to the electric bill when millennials open the television to watch a movie but then also open the cell phone to play a mobile game or call someone. And in the other room, the tablet is also turned on playing a music video.

Millennials are good at multi-tasking with screen. But they complain when they see that the electric bill is also multi-high. (Photo Source)

2. Living in a condominium unit for reputation’s sake

Do you know how to compute to get the amount that you should spend on house rental or accommodation? Here is a formula being used in real estate: multiply the gross salary by 0.3.  

Say for instance with a gross salary of P15, 000, the maximum amount of monthly rental or amortization should be P4,500.

However, there are those who still spend more than what they should because they feel their friends will leave them if they find out it is only them who do not live in a condo.

Living in a condo (for millennials) is staying close to work and saving on daily travel expenses. Privacy and urban amenities may come second, but it is definitely not about reputation.

3. Transferring from one workplace to another

There are two reasons why millennials hop from one company to another.

First, they look for a better salary package because they think they deserve what the CEO is receiving. Remember the millennial culture of entitlement? There is no problem with this as long as the quality of work is as good as that of the CEO, too.

Second, they are on the process of soul-searching because they still do not know who they are and what they want to do in life-  identity crisis. They still do not know their real skills because they think that the degree they took in college were just part of their parents’ choices for them. 

The problem is that starting a new work is like raising money for business capital.  When I quit my work in Paranaque to started in Ortigas, I literately spent all my savings to comply with the requirements for my new work.

-Relocation- boarding house hunting expenses including paying the meals of friends who came to help me look for a place, rental of truck that brought my stuff to the new place
-Condo Down payment- one-month deposit + one-month advance
-Clearances: Medical (this was the most expensive), police, NBI, barangay, work

Before resigning, budgeting is necessary to know the amount of money that needs to be secured to make things going even while not yet starting with the new work. This makes career upgrading easier and stress-free. 

Is there a way to get rid of these three major aspects of there millennial lifestyle? There is none because these are already part of the millennial DNA but there is a way to minimize the expenses. And one major step is through simple budgeting with the help of a financial advisor who knows how to deal with this kind of lifestyle.

A Broke Millennial? No Way Because There's A Way

Congrats, it is Independence Day! How is the feeling of finally making your own money and spending it on your own choices, which you have no idea if these could make you richer or poorer?

The next thing you know you are doing is swiping your maxed-out credit card to get the  pair of celebrity- designed shoes you always wanted. Not every day is a sunny day, you will realize.

Trust me, I have been there and I learned that the amount of money you make every month has nothing to do with your financial capabilities. It is actually how you spend the money. Avoiding to become a broke millennial should be number one on your bucket list.

1. Pay your accommodation bills before hitting the department store looking for the “sale” tag.

At times, you will find yourself identifying your priorities because you cannot pay everything at the moment. 

Take it from me- it would be better to have the internet service disconnected than finding your apartment door locked by your landlord.

On a piece of paper or on Microsoft Excel, write down the things you should pay with their deadlines. Afterwards, rank them from “Highest Priority” to “Lowest Priority”. This list will tell you that you need to go to the Bayad Center first before the other parts of the mall.

1. Monthly Rental- P7,000- October 16 
2. Insurance- P2,000- October 15
3. Water+ Electric Bill- P500- October 17
4. Paluwagan- P8,000- October 31

5. Utang kay Beshie- P2,500- October 31
6. Internet Connection- P2,000- October 5

2. Insurance first before traveling.

If you are fond of “Do It Yourself” trips, you should have at least be covered by a travel insurance. Why? Because when you meet an accident while the trip, your medical expenses will also be Pay It Yourself. And you will not like it for sure.

Thus when you join organized tours, you should always pick those agencies with a reliable travel insurance coverage. Thus never fail to ask about the insurance coverage when signing up for an agency tour.

When you do your budgeting for your travel bucket list in 2019, make sure you add travel insurance on the list of expenses.

3. Remember, your expensive stuff can never benefit your professional reputation. Period.

Professional reputation cannot be achieved by showing off expensive materials. 

As a starter in life, everyone knows that your parents’ fortune has helped you get those expensive things- car, laptop, watch, condominium, etc. You are either a thank-you-dad rich kid or a soon-to-be-broke pretentious soul when you have more than what is expected of someone who is not yet a Manny Pangilinan.

If you want to make a good professional reputation, work your ass off to produce a masterpiece that would be expensive to get-- that's your ticket to professional reputation. In short, do good at work.

The next time you buy something, think of functionality and practicality. Using a “jologs” phone will not affect your professional reputation at all because branding belongs to your boss for now.

4. Audit your own expenses or use cash.

Cashless purchases require a lot of effort in tracking your expenditures. If you think you cannot track your expenses, you better use cash.

I am a person who keeps on swiping my debit card without knowing how much is left on my account. And most of the time, I end up running out of cash.

Actually, accounting expenses is fun because you will know which aspect of your life is the most expensive. This guides you in identifying what activities that need to be axed from your list in case you catch yourself in a financial challenge.

5. The best truth ever told- you do not like the taste of liquor.

When going on a drinking spree, always remember that you are not there because you want to drink. Instead, you are doing it  because you want to be with the people you are drinking with. It's companionship, after all.

Re-read above to get the clear meaning of it.

Let’s face it- liquor does not taste good. It is bitter, and that is why people invented a variety of chasers. But you still drink because you want to tell what is happening with your life and you want to know the latest about your friends, too.

In short, you do not have to drink that much. You can spend time with those people doing another thing- cooking pasta, climbing mountains, brewing coffee, or playing soccer. That’s much cheaper than wasting your money on expensive liquor.

Now you should have realized, these are the same, old reminders that Mom has been telling us since we learn how to ask for allowances from her. She is right again, isn’t she?

Aside from your mother, it would be nice to talk to a financial planner to discuss about how to save money, multiply your earnings, and secure your future so you will never go broke (again).

Is Availing Marine Insurance A Smart Business Decision?

Each cargo ship has its own damage- prevention strategy. But unwanted things may still happen anytime in the open seas and getting covered by a marine insurance policy helps deal with its corresponding financial losses.

It is true- freight damage is unavoidable. Unpleasant weather is one of the major enemies of the sea since the sea comes with typhoon, tsunami and lightning. Some prefer to call these “acts of god” since man has no control over them.
Add barratry, piracy and jettison that are literally also acts of man, but these may be done with some reasons. Nevertheless, all may cost the business some amount of money. And no one is happy about it.
Who to Call Before It Happens
Malayan Insurance provides insurance policies that help businesses with their cargoes. Its "Open Marine Cargo Policy is a continuing contract of marine insurance between the assured and the insurance company that automatically covers the assured's cargo without having to apply for a new policy for each shipment."
Who needs this? It is recommended for exporters of goods,those who bring their produce to different parts of the world. 
Marine insurance is also for companies that send marketing collateral abroad. I remember when we sent tons of flyers and other needs for a series of caravan, we had sleepless nights thinking what if the materials got damaged while in the sea. It was torture.

It SHOULD be part of the business
In terms of assessing how much loss can be covered by the marine insurance, the following are reviewed: nature of the goods, total declared value of the goods in transit, expiry date of the insurance policy, and points of origin and final destination.
In many cases, marine insurance is required to protect the interest of both parties. This is a common scenario with sales of imported products involving banks or financial institutions.
Some would say it is a total waste of money because they never experienced having damaged cargos. The truth is that no one can say when accidents happen.
While it is not a requirement, playing with fate is an unfriendly business decision. Risks may not be controlled but financial losses from risks can be controlled. And insurance solutions are the answer.
Without marine insurance, damaged goods undergo the process of re-packaging and re-shipping. While money can be produced immediately, time cannot be duplicated. What if clients need the goods ASAP? 
No marine insurance is opportunity wasted.

You may contact Malayan Insurance to give you further explanation of marine insurance by picking the most convenient contact option found HERE.

We’re Rebranding (Instead of Closing)

Yes, you’ve read it right- we’re doing some rebranding on this blog website to make it more of a business website. We will be publishing business insights, real estate exclusives, pop culture scoops, and lifestyle stories!

I changed my mind.

Thank you. Watch out for the surprises!

For pitches and inquiries, please email me at [email protected] 

#BangonCordillera: How to Donate to Typhoon Ompong Victims


You may want to contact a dear friend who is from Ucab, Itogon Benguet, Ms. Loida Padong at 0909.431.9691 for some specific directions. She can also be contacted via Facebook HERE.  


You may also contact Atty. Joshelle Bentrez- Bancilo via Facebook HERE.  She is a Councillor in Tuba, Benguet. Tuba hotline is 0998.534.4565.


For contacts in Baguio City, please refer to Mr. Ryan Mangusan of Mayor's Office. Contact him via Facebook HERE. 



DSWD CAR Office 
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Pacalso Elementary School
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Zola, Drop Out, Recess, The Camp
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Rotary Club of City of Pines
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Citizens' Disaster Response Center
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ACCOUNT NAME: Municipal Government of Itogon - Trust Fund
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To donate your points, open your app or click HERE. 


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For donations whether cash or in-kind, kindly refer to the details provided above. If you have other info, please message me on Facebook.  

A Humble Venture: Sagada Roast

Early this month, I started Sagada Roast. And I think it is doing pretty well.

I see Sagada Roast as a supplier of coffee and other highland produce to restaurants, offices and other establishments in the metropolitan area.

My childhood friend, Lanban, is helping me ship the coffee packs. And I hope everything will be doing just fine in the coming days.

I envision it to weekly bring freshly-roasted coffee beans to homes and commercial establishments. This afternoon I publicly announced on Facebook that establishments may request for a sample pack from me.

One friend is supporting me with this venture. In return I am supporting her expansion. Soon, the both of us will open a shop in Sagada that sells factory overruns and other essentials in the cold highlands.

If you want to support me with this venture, please email me at [email protected].

Sagada Coffee with Free Delivery

I have a new venture which I hope I get support from all of you guys. I just launched my attempt to test the waters here in Metro Manila to offer an alternative to Tagaytay- Cavite coffee. It's retailing Bana's Cafe, the award-winning brand from our hometown.

-Premium Roast by Bana’s Café (Awardee of Medaille Gourmet in Paris, France)
-Grown, hand-harvested and directly shipped from Sagada
-Nutty and smokey flavor
-No acidic aftertaste 
-Very rich aroma
-250 grams net weight
-Medium-fine grind coffee
-Dark roast
-25 cups
-Use fresh milk
-Brown sugar
-P399 per pack
-Free delivery within Mega Manila Area
-Pre-Order: PM your complete name, delivery address, # of order, payment method
-No minimum order
-Bank deposit, pera padala, and cash-on-delivery-meetup terms available
-Coffee maker for brewing in the office and at home
-French Press for brewing at home
-Percolator for big family and corporate events
-Kettle- simply boil it wherever you are
-Opaque, air-tight container at room temperature
-When using transparent mason jars, store it in dark areas
-When using canisters, make sure it has an airtight seal
-Place it away from the oven or anything that heats up even the sunlight
-Place away from moist and smelly food
-Recommended to consume within one week
-Not recommended to place it inside the ref or freezer

For inquiries, contact us at 0943.308.5100. Get it straight from Sagada Roast- craving for your second cup is understandably expected! To order via Facebook , click HERE.  Thanks!

One Tiny Dream Project in Sagada

That is Sagada at this point in time. Look at the trees, the houses, the wires. This is at this moment.

And we're thankful to have this video, the type of work that captures the NOW of Sagada. To watch the video, CLICK HERE. 

One of the dream projects I really wanted to do (once I have all the resources) is to copy a campaign I learned from an individual in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

For one weekend in Palawan, generous individuals pay the tickets to the Underground River but they do not do that for a tour. The river is closed; its operations is financed through the campaign. It's called, "Let the River Rest".

While the river is closed, young artists- budding photogaphers and videographers- come to document the river and the towns on the island. They are mentored first by experts so they can get the best photos and videos. 

The logic is beautiful- capture the current moment because the future may be different no matter what we do.

Someday, we'll tell our kids, "Things have changed; I this is not the Sagada I know". And we need a proof of how Sagada was before. But please, don't ever say, "Our time is better", because we were should take the blame for that.

This is one of the advantages of traveling to different places- we get to see other points of view. We learn from other incredible people.


It is quite a simple campaign, but I think it will do a great impact in research.

-I wanna photograph dap-ays while its fireplace still uses pine wood to warm the elderly. 

-I wanna record the oldest folk tale before the last grandmother who knows the story dies. 

-I wanna take videos of the paddies while no houses are built on them yet. 

-I wanna take photos of the mountain lilies on the terrains while bulldozers are yet to destroy their habitat in the name of road widening.

-I wanna a take a video of how fabrics are woven into masterpieces before the designs are mixed with lowland styles to make the product commercially successful.


Then who should do it? 

The young people. 

Yes so they will always carry that image of what Sagada was when they were documenting it while they grow to become leaders of the town. So they will know the changes, and later on realize how big the changes are. And they will realize they can do something about it.

New Shopping Center in Baguio: Marketplace Leonard Wood Terraces

Four weeks ago, I found myself wandering around Westborough Town Center in South Forbes for my new assignment. I could feel the vibrancy of the premier Silang location which just opened a new branch of Coffee Bean and Marketplace by Rustan’s to cater to residents of the posh golf city and nearby villages.

Marketplace is known to be a one-stop convenience destination for everything needed by a homemaker- mom and dad. A parent who needs fresh poultry products, personal care items, kitchen requirements, and other day-to-day essentials would surely love to shop at a Marketplace branch.

When I learned that Marketplace is opening a branch in Baguio City, I was more than excited. I am thrilled that Baguio parents there have now an additional option to go to for their shopping needs.

The new branch, which is the first in Northern Luzon, is located at Leonard Wood Terraces. It opened last week.

“This is a momentous occasion for Marketplace because this is our first foray in Northern Luzon region for our upscale supermarket brand. We are excited to bring this unique experience to Baguio shoppers,” says Arleen Aldaba, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Rustan Supercenters Inc. “We’re very pleased that Marketplace is venturing closer to more Filipino homes across the country.”

The new shopping center is not just for Baguio locals but also for tourists enjoying the rustic charm and cool weather of the Cordilleran city.

What I like about Marketplace is how goods are displayed. It has enough breathing space for shoppers—it’s sophisticated.

If you still haven't visited the store yet, here's for you!

Head over to Marketplace Leonard Wood Terraces and experience world-class grocery shopping like no other.

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Follow @rustansfresh on Instagram and Twitter

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